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Arrow: Talia, Evelyn and Black Siren… What else does Oliver have to deal with on his birthday? (S04:E22)

Posted at 9:18 AM, May 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 09:16:50-04

Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

We kick off with a surprise birthday party for Oliver Queen because all is safe. Adrian Chase is locked away and our heroes have won. Ahahaha – nope. Maybe just maybe if this were the series finale… but we’re not even at the season finale. And that Prometheus guy is CRA-ZY. Oh and does this mean Oliver’s birthday is near every apocalyptic season end? Oof I’d enjoy killing too if every birthday was this stressful.

From behind bars, Chase is slowly picking off Team Arrow one by one. Dinah are Renee taken off the board unseen. But we do get to see Curtis’ capture and some later investigative work by Arrow tells us it was done by Talia.

And from a not-so-safe-safehouse (seriously if you’re on a television drama never let them put in you a safe house), anyway Quinton and Thea are taken by Black Siren and Evelyn Sharp. That’s three villains: Talia, Evelyn and Black Siren now working with Chase on the outside

Thinking he can prevent their capture, he sends Felicity and Diggle out of star city thereby breaking up the rest of Team Arrow, but this separation only gets them taken by Talia and entire the league of assassins.

Alone in the Arrowcave, it looks as if someone is stalking Oliver. And the reveal is Malcolm Merlin! Is he working with Chase too? Turns out Merlin is there to help rescue his own daughter Thea. And thus begins the unlikely alliances Oliver is going to make to save Team Arrow

But first Chase delivers his ultimatum from his cell, let him escape in return for lives of captured Team Arrow. Sensing a trap Oliver isn’t going to play until Chase dangles his son William via a cell phone right as Chase is being taken to federal prison.

So it’s Malcolm Merlin to the rescue as Arrow and Merlin take out all the guards and officers allowing Chase to escape.

Thus with all of Team Arrow off the board, prisoner of Chase and his team including Talia Al Ghul  and the League of Assassin. Who better to turn to than another Al Ghul! It’s the return of Nyssa Al Ghul and Merlin is not too happy. But remember the enemy of my enemy is my wife. Or something.

So who else can Oliver call upon to battle an entire League? It’s been teased in the press and here it is… Slade Wilson, Deathstroke! Its our very own Suicide Squad as Oliver turns to Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlin, Nyssa Al Ghul and in a our preview we even get Captain Boomerang Digger Harkness. YES!

Can Arrow and this unlikely band of villains take on Prometheus, Black Siren, Talia and the entire League of Assassins?

It’s return to Oliver’s origin as the Arrow as we return to the island of Lian Yu and an all out melee in our Arrow season finale…. Lian Yu!