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The Flash: Season 4 Preview!

Posted at 4:36 PM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 16:36:05-04

The Flash Premiers Oct. 10 at on The CW South Florida at 8PM!

Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics with my insight on the Season 4 of Flash

Quick recap on the finale because it was a bit messy – Unknown to the Flash Squad, HR used his transmorgrifier to take Iris’ place, so our season long flash forward of Savitar killing Iris has now been changed with HR’s death, not Irises.

This also changes the timeline giving Flash no reason to create the time remnants of which an evil one becomes Savitar.

In the end, it’s Iris with a repaired time canon that shoots Savitar. With Jay Garrick also now out of the speed force, a sudden solution to time quakes hitting Central City at the end of the episode is for Barry to take Jay’s place in the speed force bringing us to our season 4 opener.

The trailer brings us a Central City without BarryAllen/Flash but we are given Team Iris, Cisco, Wally and Joe taking on threats to the city.

But never fear fans, we’re not long without Barry as he reappears in episode on a resolution ending even faster than Flashpoint plot in Season two.

So what can we expect from Season three?

Lighter Tone

The producers have heard our issues with the brooding, emo Barry and the dark tone of season three and have promised to bring back the fun into season three.

Part of this change includes not giving us a season long speedster villain like season one through three. Instead the fastest man alive will get a season long big bad with the fastest mind alive – the Thinker!


Teased last season by Savitar, Clifford Devoe “The Thinker” makes his debut in our first episode.

In the comics the Thinker is a former district attorney who makes a deal with a mob boss but his eventual imprisonment by the Flash sets the stage for them to become enemies. It was through a device Devoe created called the Thinking Cap that gave the Thinker telekinesis and mind control.

The Mechanic

Joining Devoe is the Mechanic.

There’s not much about the Mechanic in the comics but in the show she’s described as Devoe’s right hand as a brilliant engineer designing devices for him.

Elongated Man

Long time comics fans have oft speculated the red, black and yellow painting scheme inside Star Labs prison cells suggest the hidden hero Plastic Man.

Well season 4 will give us a plastic man of, sort of. One of my favs: the Elongated Man!

In the comics Ralph Dibny is a detective with a nose for mystery. His powers come from the gingo plant, allowing him to stretch and make his form malleable. The Elongated Man also eventually served alongside Flash in the Justice League.

According to the producers for our Flash Squad, Ralph is supposed to bring much needed levity.

Trailer Absences

In the trailer, Barry, Wally, Joe, Cecile, Iris and Cisco are shown. Noticeable absent are Caitlyn, Julian,Tracy Brand and Harrison Wells – any version of him.

Producer Andrew Kreisberg has said if you’re a fan of Caitlyn Snow you’ll be happy and if you’re a fan of Killer Frost you’ll be happy too so we can’t count Caitlyn out.

With the death of HR last season, there’s no apparent Harrison Wells from any universe shown in the opening.

From villainous mentor in season one, to reluctant dour father figure in season two to comic relief in season three, I’m eager to see what version, if any, actor Tom Cavangh gets to play this season.

But the status of time cannon creator and love interest Tracy Brand is still unknown.

With Tom Felton, our Julian Albert not in as a season regular we can probably assume the Cailtyn-Julian romance built up in the finale is on ice. But we are getting Gypsy back as the romance continues between her and Cisco


But hey what’s this?!

A poster sneak for the four super-show crossover?! Happening during the eighth episode of all four shows this poster by superstar artist Phil Jimenez gives us Flash, Vibe, Killer Frost and a wedding!

Is this wedding of Barry and Iris? Is this the basis for the crisis? Plus who’s missing on this poster – Wally? And who’s that dark Flash shown – Thawne? Zoom? Or maybe Barry?

It’s full speed ahead as Flash Season four races to the CW October 10th with our season opener Flash Reborn!