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Arrow: Season 6 is Here

Posted at 4:09 PM, Oct 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-09 16:09:12-04

Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus comics with speculations and spoilers and everything you need to know before going into Arrow Season 6!

Season 5 brought us back to Arrow’s origin island of Lian Yu. And producer Marc Guggenheim tells us this season was also the conclusion to serialized flashbacks that have been running throughout the entire series. What better way to mark this storytelling device than by the destruction of the entire island. Literally.  Although Guggenhiem didn’t rule out more traditional flashbacks.

In the end season long villain Adrian Chase/Prometheus who had set himself up as the trigger for the bombs laid out across Lian Yu takes his own life in the final showdown with Oliver thereby detonating the bombs on the island.

So here’s my top 5 things you need to know going Season 6

Dead or Alive

While Oliver and his son William were safe on the boat, the rest of Team Arrow and Team Prometheus were on the island. Our brand new extended trailer for Season 6 gives a glimpses of Oliver searching the flame engulfed island for survivors. It also gives us a shots of surviving characters: Deathstroke and Black Siren and Black Canary battling on the streets of Star City.

Plus check out this poster for Crisis on Earth X the upcoming four show super crossover. We can add Mister Terrific and Wild Dog to the list of survivors. And based interviews with Emily Bett Rickards and David Ramsey we know Felicity and Diggle survived.

That leaves our possible deceased list to Evelyn Sharp/Artemis, Samantha Clayton William’s mother, Quentin Lance, Thea Queen, Digger Harkness, Nyssa Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul and Malcolm Merlin… and the entire League of Assassin who were also on the island? Maybe?

Black Siren

Black Siren looks to be a major player in Season 6. Remember her character technically came over from Flash. No it wasn’t the result of Flashpoint from Season 3 but the villainous Earth 2 from season two of Flash where on that earth heroes were villains. Not unlike one of my favorites the classic DC stories Earth 2. With Black Siren around, I’m not willing to count Quentin among the deceased because their father/daughter relationship might be the tether to flip her from bad to good.


Stephen Amell and the producers have dubbed the theme of the season Family. With Oliver’s son William Queen in our trailer and in star city, it’s a probable bet that his mother Samantha is among the dead giving Oliver custody of William. But what about Thea? She’s listed in the cast but her minimized role last season makes me wonder if she’s alive. But then again the theme is family…

oh and a word of warning about new kid William to the producers. It was season 5 of Brady Bunch that introduced cousin Oliver and season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that introduce sister Dawn.. both introductions were considered jump the shark moments for those shows.

Team of Villains

The producers have also told us this season features a “team of villains.” It worked so well on Legends of Tomorrow with the Legion of Doom that I’m quite excited. So who will we see? Black Siren, Deathstroke, the Vigilante, the Russian mobster Anatoly are all confirmed. And I haven’t completely ruled out the death’s of the Al Ghuls, Talia, Nyssa and Malcolm Merlin. Those Al Ghul’s have a pesky way of resurrection.

Richard Dragon

But the one confirmed new villain for the season is Richard Dragon! The original Richard Dragon wasn’t a villain. He was a martial arts expert and a ginger and named Richard so natch I own that comic. It’s the later incarnation of Richard Dragon or Ricardo Diaz Jr which Arrow is using. In the comics Ricardo has ties to the League of Assassins, Lady Shiva and it was John Diggle who killed Diaz’ father giving him motivation in comics and quite possibly for Arrow an origin for his villainy.

Arrow returns October 12th on it’s new night Thursday giving comics fans a chance to read your new comics on new comic book day Wednesday evening and not miss out on the fantastic CW Super Shows.

Who lives and who dies as Arrow kicks off it’s new season with “Fallout.”