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The mysteries will unravel in Riverdale Season 2

Posted at 4:17 PM, Oct 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-09 16:17:33-04

Hello Riverdale class of 2018! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics bringing you up to speed before Riverdale Season 2 begins!

Our season one long plot “who killed Jason Blossom?” was resolved with the killer being none other than Cheryl and Jason’s dad Clifford Blossom and a drug scheme being hidden in the barrels of the family’s business the Blossom Maple Farms.

With Jughead’s dad FP still in prison for being complicit in Jason Death even if he wasn’t the shooter, Jughead gets a foster family and a transfer to Southside High. And what will this transfer mean for the Betty/Jughead romance?

Our season one finale also ended with what looks like an attempted robbery at Pop’s with Archie’s dad Fred Andrews getting shot aaaaand suicidal, firestarter Cheryl Bloom setting Thornhill a blaze – literally!

The season two trailer gives a deeper look into the robbery scene at Pop’s with Fred Andrews ultimately being rushed to the hospital. In tow are Archie, Veronica, Hermione Lodge, Jughead, Betty, and the Coopers Hal and Alice.

We also get a pristine Cheryl Blossom visting her mom at the same hospital covered in bandages possibly from burns!

So what can we expect? With Veronica and Archie now “semi-dating” is Archie having doubts about pushing Betty away all these years? Plus season two marks the debut of Veronica’s dad Hiram Lodge! Will he test Archie over the romance with his daughter?

And I’m betting his shady business dealings will come to the forefront and entwined with robbery at Pop’s! Considering the attempted robbery may have instead been a hit – who was mask gunman after? Pops? Fred Andrews? Archie?

One of last season’s biggest reveals was centered around the Blossom/Cooper feud with Grandpappy having been exposed as a Blossom who changed his name to Cooper? Is this why Hal Cooper wanted Polly and Jason’s relationship ended? Is Polly carrying twins born of incest? Ew.

Plus Alice reveals Polly and Betty have a brother. Later season two details tell us Chic Cooper will make his debut somewhere towards the middle of the season

Oh and don’t be confused fans Riverdale High football Captain Reggie Cooper has been recast to due scheduling issues with actor Ross Butler

Betty warned us last season something wicked this way comes – could it be in the form of Sabrina the teenage Witch?! The CW already has a spin off planned based around Sabrina so expect an appearance sometime this season of Sabrina Spellman! Riverdale creator, producer and head writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has history with Sabrina writing her current comic series the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina

So what mystery will propel the bewitching new season of Riverdale? Let’s find out in the season two premiere a Kiss Before Dying!