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Supergirl: Did Psi psych her out?

Posted at 4:50 PM, Oct 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 16:50:31-04

Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

This episode Triggers moves along pretty predictably. Our new CatCo owner and boss Lena asserts her control even as it comes in conflict with Kara. With last episode’s return of the Kara Danvers identity, Kara spends this episode unable to meet the demands of both Supergirl and Kara until new boss Lena whips her into shape.

Plus bank robbing villainy courtesy of the scene stealing telepath Psi! Did you catch this gif worthy moment of confidence as Psi confronts Supergirl? It’s like she successfully cut off that jerk in traffic, got out of jury duty, won the lotto, got the number of that cute gym at the gym AND managed to revenge on her ex! I want to live where she’s at!

Her powers cause her victims to experience their fears causing confusion and disorientation. For Kara that’s in part claustrophobia from being trapped in her Earth bound pod.

Whoa – I’ve been on this ride before but the motion of the car and the video were out of synch and I totally threw up.

Ultimately Supergirl overcomes her Psi-induced fear of losing Mon-El to take on Psi in a final battle with bees, snakes and wrecking ball because she came in a like what? a wrecking ball.

Caught in the danger is Samantha’s daughter Ruby who ran off to the pizza parlor because she believes her mom has super-powers and no one else does. “Where are you?” Samantha! Hello? GPS, Find My Phone. Low jack your child! Bad parent! Shoot I even still have some exes low jacked so there are no surprises.

We do get a little more season long plot movement as Samantha aka Reign takes over L-Corp for Lena while she’s busy at CatCo. Plus Samantha attempts another feat of strength only to fail. Producers have revealed her power set may not be identical to her other Krypotonian survivors Supergirl and Superman

We end the episide with a plea from White Martian M’Gann for J’onn to return from Mars. Our effects laden promo teases Supergirl and Martian Manhunter off world confronting the deadly White Martians!

Plus in preparation for the wedding Maggie reaches out to her estranged dad. It’s an all new Supergirl in “Far from the Tree.”