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Flash: How will the Thinker manipulate Team Flash? (S4:E2)

Posted at 11:54 AM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 11:54:07-04

Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!
Mixed Signals brought us back to what’s great about the Flash! Cool super-powers, comic book villainy, humor, and fantastic chemistry between our cast including Iris and Barry! Their couples therapy brought more laughs than drama-mama. And the Gypsy and Cisco romance is so Kawaii. Love the two different journeys from new romance with Cisco and Gypsy and the tried and true Iris and Barry.
Best line this episode comes from Iris “You are not the Flash.. We are.” Acknowledging the power in their relationship and giving more meaning to Gypsy’s Earth 19 subplot one one one day oh and Cisco’s hair! I noticed it last week didn’t comment on it to you so Cisco brought it up for us this week “the curls are not cooperating.” seriously give those luxurious locks their own spin-off.
Our freak of the week Killg%re an actual comic book villain appearing in Flash vol 2 #3 back in 1987. The original Killg%re was an alien electro-machano-organic intelligence that found it’s way to Earth. For the Flash TV show Killg%re has been transformed into a meta with the ability to control computer code. His intent is revenge on three of his partners who profited off an App he originally created.
Killg%re’s take down at the end also take’s down Barry new technology infused speed suit! Thank goodness. I loved the bright red but not the Iron Man rip-off
The bigger mystery brought up after Killg%re’s defeat is that he wasn’t created by the particle accelerator like most metas. We get a further peak at the mystery as season long villain the Thinker and minion the Machinist set about to find the other “subjects.” This plot is similar to last years unlocking of powers by Dr Alchemy but since the show has failed to give us the infamous “Flash Rogues Gallery” I’m hoping this is the direction it goes.
Next we meet the comics Rebecca Sharp aka Hazard who as the ability to manipulate probabilities using special dice! The playful new trailer featuring hazard looks hilarious! Is she also one of the Thinker’s “subjects?” Plus did I spy Harrison Wells in that trailer?
Its and all new Flash - “Luck Be a Lady!"