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The Flash: Things get hazardous and we get a sudden goodbye from The Flash team (S4:E3)

Posted at 2:27 PM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 14:27:55-04

Our fun and funny season 4 continues with the debut of DC Comics villain Becky Sharpe aka Hazard or as the Thinker defines her... subject #2.

As her good luck continues, so does the hilarious misfortune and bad luck of those around her.

Her bad luck quantum entanglement ensnares the entire city even setting the particle accelerator to a countdown.

In a last-minute decision, Harry decides to let the accelerator wave go off which as he correctly guessed temporarily depowers Hazard in our end of epsiode save!

Harry also realizes the Flash Squad is being played not unlike a game of chess.

We now know Barry's emergence from the speed force and the resulting dark matter wave, super-powered an entire bus including Hazard and Killg%re. And it's all from the manipulation of our season four villains the Machinist and the Thinker!

Not that our Flash Squad knows that part yet! And thanks to the Machinist’s Samuroid head, the Thinker has a eyes and ears on our team!

A total of 11 riders plus a driver were on the bus hit by the dark matter, so 12 subjects in total and a race for the Flash Squad to find the remaining 10.

It was refreshing that Hazard's motivations weren't revenge like Killg%re’s. Which leave me to ask will all remaining 10 subjects go a villainous route once they know they have powers?

This episode also gave us a sudden good bye! Earth 2's Harry Wells returns to deliver Wally a Break-Up cube from Jessie and Harry hilariously stutters and stumbles after the cube fails.

The end result: Harry stays on Earth one and Wally leaves! We'd been teased since episode one that Wally didn't have much of a role in the team once Barry had returned. But it's an awkward write for the actor and character so I'm hoping this pays off later this season.

And now for one of my favs: DC Comics stretchy detective and bronze age Justice League member Ralph Dibny the Elongated Man! Is he born of the particle accelerator? Or the Dark Matter Wave?

One things known - this comic relief character is sticking around for the season. Plus Danny Trejo guests as Gypsy's Dad Breacher!

It's brand new Flash as Season four continues to recapture everything you love about the Flash in the  Elongated Journey into night!