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Riverdale: Tons of comic references, Jughead gets a beat down, and Archie starts a hunky gang (S02:E03)

Posted at 1:16 PM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 13:16:51-04

Hello Riverdale Class of 2018! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Whew! After classic Archie characters Moose and Midge were shot by the Black Hood last episode I wondered if we were going to have any cast members by the end of the series!

But they're alive(!) with Moose in the hospital having shielded Midge from the gun fire! And a season one question about Moose's bisexuality gets addressed when Kevin visits him in the hospital.

Kevin's path of self-discovery puts him at risk from the Black Hood and at odds with Betty.

His honesty in the portrayal of gay teen love life to Betty struck a cord with this once teen gay. And Her intervention (#ItGetsBetty) in his late night boy cruising by going to Kevin's Dad Sheriff Keller brought Father and Son closer over issues not discussed. All the feels.

After a mysterious package is dropped off to the local journalists home, the Cooper's, the seemingly disconnected events are pulled together as package contains evidence from each crime scene including Mrs Grundy's glasses and Fred Andrews wallet.

We even get a name - the Black Hood! The Black Hood is an actual Archie Comics character who first appeared in 1940.

My guess is this version of the Black Hood will draw from the 1990s Impact Comic series because that series included a high school student who put on the hood among numerous other vigilantes? Could there be more than one?

Plus we get the formation of the Red Circle Gang to battle the Black Hood! Red Circle is another Archie Comics reference! Red Circle is a brand under Archie Comics most commonly known to print their super-hero characters!

Drawing inspiration from his own classic Red Circle comic and with the influence of Hiram Lodge, Archie bands the football team together and sends a video warning to the Black Hood

Oh! And after Jughead re-starts the Southside High newspaper the Red and Black, he get the beat down by a competing gang to the Serpents called the Goolies - another Archie Comics reference! The Groovy Goolies was a cartoon spin-off of Sabrina the Teen Age Witch, Will Sabrina make her debut at Southside High?

And finally, the Lodges were all the drama this week! Hiram threatens Archie, Hiram threatens Hermione, Hermione warns Veronica and Veronica demands to be a part of the family business!

Our next episode peek tells us Betty may have more to do with the Black Hood then she'd like! It's an all new Riverdale The Town that Dreaded Sundown!