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Arrow: John Diggle gets a new toy as Arrow, and Oliver makes a….waffle sandwich? (S06:E03)

Posted at 1:50 PM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 13:51:04-04

Hello Team Arrow! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

John Diggle dons the Green Arrow costume after Oliver quits to spend more time with son William. And his first foe? Onyx Adams!

In the comics she's a former member of the League of Assassins who’s occasionally called into duty by Batman. For Arrow, she's the leader of a rogue CIA black ops squad who hunting down their former members who left. Their weapon of choice a deadly chemical weapons gas.

Now this part was a little cloudy.

Onyx breaks into Kord Industries to steal the gas to use against a former member who's fled to a hotel yet she has no regard for the civilian casualties and the gas also happens to be visible and for some reason Black Canary’s sonic cry can move the gas around and a flash grenade can ignite the gas rendering it harmless...

Team Arrow also wonders why Onyx and her crew are unaffected by the flash bombs but then never answer that question or why the flash bombs at the beginning also happen to be concussive breaking the victims bones but then never again... It's whatever - I like the episode.

I especially like the Oliver, William, Felicity bonding sub-plot that's taken the place of our former season flashbacks.

Waffle sandwich? What? It's what every respectable wealthy bachelor serves his new ward. And the best part - Oliver's even convinced Felicity it's a classic monte cristo sandwich. No it's not. It’s two waffles around cheese and ham. It's literally everything Oliver had left in his fridge

We conclude the episode with John Diggle remaining in the Green Arrow costume and a fancy new "green machine" gun Curtis and Felicity concocted so Diggle can shoot arrows.

Because FBI Agent Samanda Watson has noticed the Arrow hasn't been shooting arrows. Is Oliver being savvy about his reasons in putting John in the Green Arrow gear?

Oh and those tremors from Diggle's degenerative nerve damage? He's totally buying an illicit street drug to mask the tremors. Uh-oh! Plus Black Siren returns and she notices something different about the Green Arrow.

It's Black Siren versus the new Green Arrow in the next new Arrow - Reversal!