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Legends of Tomorrow: Little Ray finds a little dominator, and E.T. references are EVERYWHERE (S3:E4)

Posted at 4:48 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 16:48:25-05

Hello my Legends Legionaries! It's Richard from Zeus Comics

It's our Halloween episode as our Legends travel back to 1988 to save young Ray Palmer from death!

Remember that shadow government organization from the Dominator/Invasion crossover? Well they're baaaack! And they're hunting Dominator's - a baby dominator in fact "Gumball" who's found his way into young Ray Palmers possession.

When young Ray's attempted rescue/escape from their facility goes awry, the Legends must travel back to save young ray from death. Otherwise our Ray will be wiped from existence.

The E.T. homages's abound from the baby dominator hiding among the stuffed animals, to the baby dominator's love a candy to even a fantastic moment with Zari using her amulet: the air totem to pick their bikes in an escape during moon light!

The episode provides the bonding moment with the team for Zari as she pulls back the curtain on Young Ray's nerd upbringing.

There was even a call back to last season's Camelot episode when Zari addresses Young Ray as Sir Galahad. It was touching and endearing for all us kids that remember the rejection and bullying for being introverts and nerds.

The episode resolves when Young Ray and our Legends return the Baby Dominator to his mother the Queen Dominator. All the emotions!

We also learn that Dr Stein has been using the jump ship to visit his daughter Lily. With the birth of his grandson Ronny and Jackson asking Ray for help breaking up Firestorm, the reports of Dr. Stein actor Victor Garber's departure may be coming sooner than we expected.

Grandson Ronny name is of course a refence to the first Firestorm pairing of Dr Stein and Ronnie Raymond.

Next up Dr Nate discovers a pattern to the anachronisms leading our legends to 1897 London on the hunt for a time traveling vampire in an episode that promises not to leave you drained!

It's a bluh bluh bloody new Legends of tomorrow in the Return of the Mack - ack -ack!