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The Flash: Bullet boogers, Danny Trejo, and who is Devoe? (S04:E04)

Posted at 2:11 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 14:11:05-05

Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Elongated Journey Into Night brought us the Flash Squadron's newest hero Ralph Dibny the Elongated Man!

Although Cisco hasn't given him that name yet, he did suggest Ralph go by that other stretchy DC Comics hero Plastic Man.

Big props to the Flash effects team! Ralph's malleable persona came to life whether it was being dangled, drooping off a building, to a nose blowing sneeze to a face cratering punch!

Oh and remember last recap when wondered if it was possible that not everyone on the bus who exposed to dark matter would become villainous! I was right!

With Ralph's origin for our Flash TV show coming from exposure from the dark matter, Ralph's dirty cop/detective back story also included black mailing the Mayor. If it wasn't for Barry coming around to the idea that Ralph could be reformed, this origin might have gone differently.

But who put Ralph up to investigating the mayor in the first place?

It's out season long foe the Thinker! And upon hearing the name Devoe, Barry flashbacks to last season when future Flash/Savitar mentions big bad Devoe among Barry's rogues list and the creation of the cerebral inhibitor to Devoe? Will Barry remember this information to share with the rest of the squad?

This episode also included the debut of Gypsy's Dad, actor Danny Trejo as Breacher! In order to prove himself worthy of dating Gypsy, Cisco had to survive 24 hours being hunted by Breacher without his powers!

Speaking of debut's, Katee Sackoff joins the Flash TV rogues as Amunet Black in our next new Flash!

Amunet's comic book powers set is the ability to shape metal to her will which we got a glimpse of in preview.

So when Amunet comes looking for her former associate Killer Frost, will Caitlyn’s snowy secret be revealed?

It's Iris' bachelorette party with a guest appearance by Arrow's Felicity. And is Barry drunk? I thought his metabolism prevented that? It's the next new Flash Girls Night Out!