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Riverdale: Betty gets cryptic, Archie goes rogue, and the Black Hood targets the whole town (S02 E04)

Posted at 2:41 PM, Nov 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-08 14:41:53-05

Hello Riverdale Class of 2018! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Betty breaks the code! Veronica backs her boy Archiekins by making tees and Archie goes all afterschool special with as Veronica calls it – a lord of the flies, unibomber manifesto viral video with the half-naked football team! It must be a new Riverdale!

After getting a letter from the Black Hood with a cypher to the location of his next kill, Betty decides to share the cypher with her mom and Sheriff Keller but not the letter.

Betty's fear is that the town and specifically Archie will think she's to blame for the Black Hood. After all the Black Hood did write in the letter it was Betty's speech at the end of season one that served as his motivation.

With his reputation in question after the viral manifesto video, Archie in part fueled by Alice Cooper's editorials suggesting the Black Hood is only targeting North Side victims, goes solo into South Side territory spray painting Red Circles in an attempt to lure out the Black Hood.

He’s stopped by South Side Serpent leader SweetPea and only gets out unscathed after brandishing a gun. Oh Archiekins!

The drama gets Archie kicked off of school property, but he does regain the support of the football team for not ratting out Reggie for the mask in his locker. That certainly comes in handy when the Serpents show at the Andrews household - It's a Red Circle rumble as the gang takes on the Serpents with Dilton getting knifed in the leg!

Veronica shuts it down by firing Archie's gun into the air. In hopes of stopping the continual violence Veronica and Archie walk the gun to the river and toss it in... Bad idea kids. My bet’s on the gun re-appearing at some point

And after Jughead calls Betty “Nancy Drew Meets Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", Betty remember one of her fav childhood books was Nancy's Drews Secret Code Book!

With it she’s able to break the cypher, she then speeds to the Black Hoods next location the town hall meeting where she yanks the fire alarm to get everyone out! With the Black Hood thwarted, she turns over her letter to mayor Mcoy and Sheriff Keller.

Our end of episode gives us Betty getting a call from the Black Hood and is he threatening Polly?

Does this threat to Polly combined with the Black Hood knowing one of Betty’s fav childhood books suggest the Black Hood is someone close to Betty?

Our suspect list starts to take shape in a brand new Riverdale "When a Stranger Calls!"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales