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Arrow: Black Siren returns, and Diggle keeps it up as Arrow but is death or downfall coming? (S06:E04)

Posted at 12:49 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-09 12:49:53-05

Hello Team Arrow! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Black Siren returns this episode on a killing spree! And her seeming unrelated killings lead to a plot to take down the Internet via an internet technology vault!

Hacktivist Alena resurfaces to warn Felicity about the plot that could kill 4% of the global population and her former Helix boss Cayden James is behind the plan!

This is also the first time we meet the real Cayden James played by actor Micheal Emerson known for Person of Interest and LOST.

Another reveal, James is also Black Siren's mysterious rescuer from Lian Yu after Quentin Lance and Dinah Drake left her for dead.

The Cayden James/Black Siren Alliance leaves me hopeful a season long villain has been set up from a seemingly directionless Season Six.

Especially since our end of episode conclusion James tells Siren he had no intention of the vaults destruction. Instead he wanted Felicity’s digital fingerprints on the vaults hack.

With Mayor Oliver Queen and Felicity reigniting an out and open romance this  season, her finger prints on the vault hack could lead FBI Agent Samanda Watson back to team Arrow and expose Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow.

Meanwhile John Diggle continues to settle into his role as Green Arrow and the team's lead.

I'm playing out all the scenarios to get Oliver back in the Green Arrow costume and I can only come up with death or downfall. Is it Diggle’s?

But next episode is not without Oliver's fighting prowess as Oliver joins Deathstroke on the quest to track down Slade Wilson's son.

But even a now sane Slade Wilson can be tested as the season six father/son theme continues in the newest Arrow Deathstroke Returns!