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Legends of Tomorrow: Rip Hunter comes back and goes rogue, and things get spooky with a blood moon in 1895 London (S03:E05)

Posted at 2:27 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 14:27:35-05

Hello my Legends Legionaries! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Our Legends travel back to 1895 London after Nate discovers how to plot the anachronisms and discovers two outliers: 2042 our Zari episode with the time traveling water witch Kausa and 1895 where they discover... Rip Hunter!

And an occult group intent on the vampiric like resurrection of none other than Damien Darkh! But it's not Darkh, Rip is after but an evil named Mallus. Rip has also gone rogue from the Time Bureau to capture Mallus.

In a wonderful turn-a-about the handsome, I mean "pretty" Nate is offered up as bait and getts himself captured by one of the cult leaded by none other than Dr Stein's great, great grandfather Sir Richard Stein actor.

After posing the question earlier if she can go back to 2042 and save her family, Zari is mesmerized by psychic Madame Eleanor who seemingly channels her brother in the parlor.

Madame Eleanor then tricks Zari into giving her, her amulet, the air totem right before the resurrection ceremony.

Back on the Waverider, Rip tricks the rest team so he can go after Mallus leaving Sarah and team trapped on an armored, sealed ship. Sarah's only option is so blow hole in the waverrider's cargo hold using the ships torpedoes!

With the Blood Red Moon ceremony in full swing, Rip intervenes but not before Damien is resurrected!

A battle royale ensues with Rip, Damien, Madame Eleanor and the agents of the Time Bureau who are getting slaughtered by Damien and Eleanor. With Sarah and the Legends joining the fray, Zari is able to regain control of the totem as it seemingly flies off Eleanor to it's rightful owner Zari!

Darkh and Eleanor however time jump out leaving Rip with a squad of dead Time Bureau agents. Sarah realizing, she has once again been played by Rip calls Agent Bennet and Ava Sharpe who suspend Rip for his actions. In exchange the time bureau agrees to let the Legends free to chart their own destiny.

Quick note: Mallus is not a DC Comics character or at least one that's not obvious from the name. Some internet speculation thinks it might be the Time Trapper.

Mallus’ voice this season is being provided by John Noble - know mostly for Fringe and Sleepy Hollow.

Oh and Madame Eleanor should be familiar: it's Darkh daughter Eleanor "Nora" Darkh. This adult version of Nora is now in league with Mallus and of course interested in the resurrection of her father. Was she also behind Kuasa's resurrection?

Also the splitting of Dr Stein from Jackson and Firestorm is moving along with Dr Stein now aware of the plot. It's a Freaky Friday Firestorm in the mix as our Legends jump to 1930s Hollywood to fix a time displaced Helen of Troy.

Be on the lookout for references to the movie Twister and the comedy Mad About You as out Legends Hunt down Helen in newest Legends of Tomorrow... Helen Hunt?