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The Flash: Killer Frost and the ladies of Team Flash battle Amunent Black as Barry goes to the slammer for boozin’ (S04:E05)

Posted at 2:30 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 14:31:03-05

Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Quickcap: Girls Night Out becomes #GirlPower #feminism as Amunet Black debuts, Felicity guest-stars and Flash goes Flashless!

Iris' Bachelorette dinner is crashed by the bar goon from episode one Norvok who harassed Killer Caitlyn over her departure from Amunet Black's employ. He's back to harass Caitlyn once again into working for Amunet.

This brings out her Killer persona who quickly dispatches Norvok. Killer Frost then heads back to STAR LABS with Iris, Cecile and Felicity in tow.

When Ralph Dibny crashes Barry's own bachelor's party, he tricks the party into a foray to the Golden Booty, a strip club with a “no cell phone” policy and plaque of Ralph on the wall as their #1 customer

With Iris' unable to reach Barry and the boys bachelor's party, she and Felicity and Cecile go on their own quest for Amunet Black running into a confrontation between Amunet Black and Killer Frost!

Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck Katee Sakoff is nearly unrecognizable as the amazing Amunet Black, a villain with the ability to manipulate and project metal!

She's also running an underground criminal weapons gang that Cecile and the CCPD have been trying to bust for three years. Her angle this episode is Subject #4 the Weeper whose tears are a euphoric street drug. Amunet also wants Killer Frost back as her body guard to protect her as she moves up the criminal ladder.

It's Frost vs Black as the villains go head to head as team Iris assists in taking down Black with no Flash to help!

Cisco's concoction to get Barry drunk worked all too well. And after Ralph is accused of stealing, a bar fight ensues getting the bachelor party boys tossed into jail. That's right there was no Flash in Flash this week!

At end of episode Killer Frost lets Amunet go, Iris asks Caitlyn to be her made of honor and the Thinker shows to capture the newly free Weeper.

Our new episode preview gives us Ralph Dibny running around in a gray and purple costume similar to his first outfit from the comics! Is it the birth of a hero? Oh and hey! Are they going to do anything with that Devoe knowledge from the episode prior?

Let's find out in the next new Flash "When Harry Met Harry?"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales.