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Riverdale: Is Betty the Black Hood? (S02:E05)

Posted at 1:31 PM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-15 13:31:30-05

Hello Riverdale Class of 2018! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Quickcap: Jughead to prove his loyalty to the serpents survives the gauntlet to become a full fledged serpent and the Lodge's who are running out of capital invite the wealthy St. Clairs, whose son nick has party boy history with Veronica.

After Veronica rejects nick's advances, he admits he's in rehab. Don't get out the sympathy tissues just yet. At a Lodge housewarming/fundraising party Nick drops a roofie in Cheryl's glass. But it's Veronica and the pussycats to the rescue to prevent assault in an epic beat down of Nick

So… "When a Stranger Calls" is really about Betty and her downward spiral into the Black Hood’s demands.

Having thwarted the Black Hood's next attack at the town hall meeting, Betty gets a call from the Hood himself... herself... theirselfvesfs.... Wanting to uncover the mystery of his identity, Betty follows his instructions one by one through the episode.

First, expose her mom Alice Cooper's own past as a southsider making mom seem like a hypocrite for her deriding the southside and the serpents in the paper

Second, severe her relationship with Veronica since the Lodges are criminals which Betty does in a brutal truth moment to Veronica at Nick Sinclairs jingle jangle infused teen party.

And third, break it off with Jughead because the Black Hood doesn't want to share her.

Once all three tasks have been completed, Betty meets the Black Hood alone at an abandoned house... or does she? She puts on the mask he's given her but a creak in the floorboard sends her scurrying away from the potential danger. But in our final call with the Black Hood, Betty offers up sinner Nick St Clair for his attack on Cheryl!

So what do you think fans? Who is Betty's Black Hood? Our biggest clue comes from Alice who tells Betty, Sheriff Keller analyzed the original letter and Betty's letter and said they're not a match.

Is Betty's Black Hood her father Hal? Would he gain from his own wife's humiliation? He certainly would know Betty's fav childhood book the Nancy Drew Secret Code book.

Or could it be Polly? After everything with Jason she might want to take down the town. But why would she reference the sin in her own belly... Wait maybe one of the Blossoms? Cheryl? Penelope? Or... Clifford or Jason?

Don't ever count out deceased characters... But who's the one person who knows all of Betty secrets? That's right Dark Betty. Has our Betty gone crazy?

Or could be Toni because she ranted about Alice deriding The Serpents this episode and well she got that Jughead Kiss.... Hey...

Our next promo promises more Betty / Black Hood madness as the Northsider and the Southsider kids face off in a drag race. It's a new Riverdale Death Proof.