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Arrow: The Vigilante is revealed and get ready for Richard Dragon! (S6:E5)

Posted at 1:51 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 13:52:05-05

Hello Team Arrow! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

This episode Deathstroke Returns, sees Slade Wilson pulling Oliver into his quest to find his son Joe. The twist? The quest to get Joe out of the Kasnian prison gets flipped with Joe being revealed as the leader of the terrorist group the Jackals!

Back in Star City, when the Vigilante returns to take down Councilwoman Pollard who's behind the anti-vigilante bill, Dinah takes him on one on one! After her Canary cry shatters his visor, the Vigilante removes his mask to reveal - Who? Dinah clearly knows him but it's not until after the commercial break he's revealed to be her former partner Vincent Sobel.

Okay so quick rewind back in season 5 when Dinah was still going by Tina, she was on the hunt for drug lord Sean Sonus who was responsible for the death of her detective partner Vinny. Both Vinny and Tina were deep undercover when they were captured by Sonus. And during the torture he shoots Vinny...right. as. the. particle accelerator wave goes off. The wave gives Tina her Canary Cry and Sonus sonic-like vertigo powers and as tonight's episode reveals Vinny/Vincent gets healing powers!

Did Vigilante seem subdued and almost amateurish versus his persona and tech last season? I thought so. We'll chalk it up to him wanting Dinah to know the truth about his identity. Oooo speaking of truth, Samanda Watson still isn't having none of it. When Vigilante's attempted assassination of councilwoman Pollard goes awry, it's Watson who confronts Dinah afterwards about her disappearance during the melee and the Ah-ppearance of  Black Canary.

Put Vigilante on hold because up next it's DC Comics martial arts expert Richard Dragon or his murderous counterpart Ricardo Diaz Jr. It’s an Arrow adaptation of a DC comics character who’s in Star City stealing tech! Meanwhile  Oliver continues to uncover the truth about Slade Wilson's son Joe..

It's team Green Arrow versus Richard Dragon in the newest Arrow "Promises Kept!"