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Supergirl: Teen flash backs and Smallville references and cameos (S03:E06)

Posted at 1:33 PM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 13:33:22-05

Hello my Supergirl Super Friends! It's Richard from Zeus Comics.

With Alex in a deep depression over her break-up with Maggie, Kara drags Alex to visit their mom Eliza in their childhood hometown Midvale. Thus begins the nearly 40 minute flashback to Kara and Alex as kids.

If you're a fan of super costumed heroes and villains thus wasn't your episode. It certainly shouldn't be your first episode either... But, and this is a big one... I want to watch a show about teen Alex and Kara. It was sooooo good. These young actors convinced me they were indeed the teen counterparts to Alex and Kara Danvers

The flashback starts with the teen siblings at odds but while working together over a murder mystery they find the commonality to truly love and respect one another. It the basis for Kara to accept her Danvers alter ego and Alex to understand her role in protecting her sister. It also brings the two back to center when we jump back to the present.

Oh and HUGE refence to original teen superman show Smallville when young Kara name drops clark Kent's BFF Chloe! And further bringing in the Smallville is the apiece of Erica Durance. She's been playing Kara's mom Allura this season. Smallville fans will recognize her as that show's Lois Lane a cousin of Chloe.  For this episode Midvale, Durance pops up as FBI agent Noel Neill also a reference to the original Lois lane actor from the 1950s Noel Neill.

So six episodes into the season and I still don't have a sense of where Supergirl is going. And just like last week's Flash being Flashless. This weeks episode of Supergirl is Supergirl-less. Which makes me wonder... with the 2 night super-crossover Crisis on Earth X happening in 2 weeks, was this episode a chance to give the actors more time to film the special?

But up next.... It's the return of Mon-El! Is this the beginning of the Legion of Super-Heroes? In the comics Mon-El was sent in the phantom zone until a cure for his lead poisoning could be found... and that wasn't until the 30th century! So is Mon-El returning from the future? or the present? One things for certain Legion of Super-Heroes founder Irma Ardeen Saturn Girl makes her debut too!

And Samantha seeks out her adoptive mother for the answers to her strange, new powers. It's a brand new Supergirl... Wake Up!