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The Flash: Black Bison, things get hairy with Harry, and the great Devoe mystery continues (S04:E06)

Posted at 4:26 PM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 16:26:20-05

Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Our newest subject of the dark matter bus exposure is Mina Chaytan, the Black Bison!

Originally a Firestorm villain, for the Flash TV series this Black Bison is on a quest to return stolen Native America Sioux artifacts including the Black Bison necklace. Similar to her comics counterpart, she can animate objects and statues that have human or animal like appearances.

Black Bison's quest this episode serves a greater mission as Ralph has to learn being the hero doesn't always mean nabbing the bad guy.

After a young bystander is hospitalized during a tussle between Flash, Ralph and the Black Bison, Ralph rightfully realizes his true responsibility is to protect. This plays out in our final showdown with Ralph using his powers to save a museum security guard from an animated dinosaur enabling Flash to capture the Bison.

The title of our episode When Harry Met Harry is in reference to Harry Wells and his Council of Wells: Three ridicules versions of Wells from other dimensions.

Once he learns how to work with himselves, he is able to find the Devoe who hired Ralph and the one most likely to be the Devoe mentioned by future Flash... Clifford Devoe!

But what's this?! When Joe and Barry visit Clifford Devoe, they're greeted by a normal a seeming Mechanic and Thinker in husband and wife disguise!

The next newest episode, has Iris making final plans for the wedding - all leading directly into episode eight the 2 night super event crossover Crisis on Earth X! And yep that's Iris and Barry's wedding in the Crossover poster!

But first it's an origin episode for season four big bad Clifford Devoe the Thinker in the new Flash Therefor I Am!

Photography by Rueben Gonzales.