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Supergirl: Mon El returns, Saturn Girl debuts, and makin’ it Reign! (S03:E07)

Posted at 4:40 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-04 16:41:05-05

Hello, my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Outside of a little fling slash hilarious romp between Alex and Sarah Lance the White Canary from Legends of Tomorrow in our four-show Crossover, there wasn’t much movement in the crossover for Supergirl, but -- and this is a big one -- in our prior episode Wake Up, it was the return of Mon-El! And his wife! Wha?! Huh?!

I’ve spoken at length about Mon-El ending up in the 31st century, where a cure for his lead poisoning frees him and where he joins a legion of superheroes aptly named... the Legion of Super-Heroes.

With the discovery of that mysterious ship in the bay, which Wynn dates as having been trapped in bed rock for 12,000 years, our team of heroes get on board to discover a hyper sleep confused Mon-El.

Oh hey, Super-Powers! We don’t see it much, but one of Martian Manhunters' powers is the ability to become intangible, which he uses to make himself, Wynn, and Supergirl intangible to descend through the bed rock into the ship!

After spending most of the episode being distant from Kara, we learn that the 7 months that have passed for Kara and crew have been 7 years for Mon-El. He tells us 400 years from now L-Corp (so that means L-Corp still exists) develops a cure for the atmospheric lead poisoning and that he’s been living in the 31st century!

With Supergirl’s superfist save of a failing stasis pod on the alien ship, we also get the debut of Imra Ardeen - the Saturn Girl. Aha - that connects back to when Mon El explained he was speaking Saturnian. As is the same in the comics, Mon El tells us she’s from the moon Titan. And in the comics she’s a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes… but not married to Mon El, but Lightning Lad.

Are other Legion characters like Lightning Lad in the remaining pods? We know that the show has cast Jesse Rath as Brainiac 5; and if the show stays true to the comics, Kara won’t need to be lovelorn over Mon-El much longer as she and Brainiac have a long standing romance in the comics.

And finally… Reign! Samantha’s adoptive mother reveals that like Kara, Samantha came from an alien pod! It’s very Superman the Movie Fortress of Solitude as Samantha takes an alien crystal to the desert and it builds her own creepy, barren fortress! A Fortress of Sanctuary! And mysterious hologram woman explains Samantha’s a creation of science, magic and information to execute justice -- as I’ve told you in prior recaps -- a WORLDKILLER. Da-da-duh!!!

Side note: Speaking of the fortress, crystals, and Superman movie references, in the crossover when Kara says her cousin will come save her… it was a nice nod that the actual Superman Returns Superman Brandon Routh did the saving! But of course as his Ray Palmer the Atom TV character…

Our new trailer gives us a transformation complete: Samantha Aria gone, replaced only by the Worldkiller Reign! We even get a glimpse of a dark, leathery costume! Can Ruby bring her back to humanity?

It’s an evil, new fortress, more Mon-El, more Imra Ardeen as a battle begins between Supergirl and our revealed season villain, Reign. Get ready for a throw down of the century in our Supergirl mid-season finale, Reign!