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Legends of Tomorrow: Meta-Monkey in the 1960’s (S03:E07)

Posted at 4:17 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 16:17:53-05

Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Jumping from Grodd to the Crisis on Earth X crossover to our mid-season break, we kick off with the debut of Flash Villain Gorilla Grodd in Legends of Tomorrow! 

With Sarah still in a coma (because she’s busy filming the giant four show crossover!) our team decides to carry on and tackle the next anachronism on Nate’s time map.

And it’s Jackson's random pick takes them to 1967 Vietnam where villagers, the US military and the Vietcong are being threatened by a beast attacking them from the jungle. 

And it’s none other than a time displace Gorilla Grodd!

Grodd’s telepathic ability including telepathy, psychic influence and metal possession came from the partial accelerator making him a meta-human... I mean meta-monkey!

We start the episode off with Grodd seemingly wanting to bring peace between the fighting forces but of course his actual goal is elimination of the human threat.

After a brief respite when Amaya uses the totem to pacify Grodd, gunfire reminds him humans are dangerous. With a little mind reading trickery, Grodd realizes he can use the waverider to go back in time and stop evolution AND create his own Gorilla Planet of the Apes!

In a final showdown, Professor Stein is able to knock Grodd from atop the waverider into the fiery Napalm but not before Damien yanks Grodd from 1967. So. Some quick math - our season time villain the non-corporeal Mallus, has resurrected Damien Darkh and Damien’s team current includes his adult daughter Nora Darkh, Amaya’s other granddaughter Kusasa who has the water totem and now telepathic meta-money Gorilla Grodd! 

Some other quick math - our Legends figure out they’ve been meeting their selves or their relatives on their adventures this season: Ray to young Ray, Stein to Sir Richard Stein, Mick Rory to his dad Dick Rory… aaaand we can probably include Amaya to Kuasa and Damien and Nora and maybe even Zari’s quest to save her family. So where is this all heading?

I’ll be doing a bigger recap for the Crisis on Earth X later but the biggest ramifications for our Legends happens at the end with the death of professor Stein. Dr Stein takes a bullet opening the dimensional escape portal during a battle with the Nazis on Earth X.

Jackson / Firestorm merges with him in an attempt to save him but it’s futile, only prolonging the inevitable but giving us and the Legends closure moments. The biggest being Jackson of course with the finally verbalized, that conflict between two over the separation is that Jackson is losing a father… Not going to lie. I cried. 

Oh oh! I almost forgot! Leonard Snart is back! But this time he’s the hero of Earth X Citizen Cold! And he’s hella gay. I didn’t spot him in our new trailer so let’s see where this character lands! Next our Legends of Tomorrow travel to a Viking settlement in the new world… wait? Is that young Dr Stein with the Vikings?

It’s our mid season finale of Legends of Tomorrow! Beebo? Beebo, The God of War!