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Riverdale: Jughead gets blackmailed, Cheryl is kinda nuts, and an affair is revealed! (S02:E07)

Posted at 2:15 PM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 14:15:28-05

Hello Riverdale class of 2018! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Three tales wrapping back into one episode comprise Tales from the Darkside.

First up, Southside Serpent attorney Penny Peabody returns to dupe Jughead into delivering a package - I mean a giant crate with a chain around it to neighboring city Greendale.

Like that’s not every red flag ever.

The reason? This job will pay for his dad FP’s medical and legal fees after FP got roughed-up by a group of imprisoned Ghoulies, mad at Jughead after last episode Serpents/Ghoulies race where the Ghoulies were tricked.

So Jughead enlists Archie to assist in Fred Andrew’s truck. After a flat tire strands them, a mysterious strange offers Jughead and the crate a ride. Did you guys recognize actor Tony Todd who played the Candyman as our sinister driver?

When the driver tries to stiff Jughead for a meal at a diner, Archie with a now repaired tire swoops in to rescue his pal and complete the delivery.

The rub? FP was never injured in prison and now Penny Peabody has a video of Archie and Jughead and the delivery which she’s using to black mail Jughead into future deliveries!

Our second tale follows Josie and the mysterious gifts she’s been receiving like the Teddy Bear in her locker “I’ll be watching you.” While all this is going Cheryl is trying to convince Josie meet up with a music producer but solo, not with the pussycats.

Creepoid Chuck reappears this episode to court Josie because he says he’s reformed, or trying. Mamma McCoy, the mayor, though isn’t have any of that and yanks Josie out of Pops where Josie and Chuck were grabbing a bite and dancing!

Back at the Four Seasons hotel where the McCoys have been staying due to the towns rising tensions, Mamma Mayor let’s Josie know that threats have been made. Death threats, even ones against Josie.

So when a pencil sketch of Josie appears with a note and a pigs hearts covered in blood Josie naturally blames Chuck!

But uh-oh fans, a quick reveal tells us, it’s Cheryl that’s been leaving those gifts! What is Cheryl up to?! It certainly more than the supposed re-payment for Josie saving Cheryl from Nick Saint Claire!

And our final tale involves Betty on the case of the Black Hoods identity. Suspecting the death of teacher Robert Phillips in the town jail was an inside job, Betty naturally jumps to the first obvious choice - Sheriff Keller!

Betty enlists gal pal Veronica in the sleuthing, where during a sleepover Veronica stumbles upon a sweaty, shirtless Sheriff Keller.

Wowsa! Officer I am arrested by that bod!

And so Veronica leaves with no proof other than men on this show are contractually obligated to appear shirtless.

This leads Betty to a break in to the Kellers! Where she comes across his Black Hood connect the dots murder board! Seriously, even for a sheriff that board was disturbing.

That night despite Sheriff Keller’s attempt to convince Betty he’s not the Black Hood, Betty and Veronica tail the Sheriff’s late night drive to none other than a motel and Mayor McCoy!!!

It’s an affair to remember. So unless they’re both in coordination of the Black Hood attacks, Mayor McCoy may be Sheriff Keller’s alibi. But what havoc would the reek on both families if their affair were revealed??

Up next Archie and Veronica turn up the heat and Jughead’s dad FP gets out of jail!

Did Cheryl really knock over a milkshake for a reformed and working FP to clean up at Pops in our promo? Oooo Girl!

It’s our mid season finale of Riverdale House of the Devil.

Photography by Rueben Gonzales.