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Supergirl: Who will stop Reign – The Legion or Supergirl? (S03:E08)

Posted at 3:22 PM, Jan 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-15 15:22:10-05

Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Reign, Reign, Go Away! Come again some other day! Our last episode opened on Samantha Arias blacked out in her bed not remembering being Reign the previous episode. And we’ll spend the rest of the episode in a Jeckyl and Hyde situation with Samantha going in and out the Reign persona…

But that doesn’t stop Reign from one epic throw down with Supergirl landing Supergirl in Hospital DEO comatose at the end of our episode…

Morgan Edge reappeared as a possible culprit to all the Wordkiller crests Reign had burned around town… but really was his plot point to get Lena and Jimmy alone together on the mission?

So someone call HR! Lena and Jimmy totally kiss - after swigging skotch all episode - Hey it’s the holidays! Boss lady Lena totally macs down on Jimmy in his Catco office after earlier denying any interest in him. I’m cautious after Kara friendzoned Jimmy at the start season two…. But I’ll see where this goes - so right now swipe right!

Poor Ruby Arias your mom’s a workaholic, reborn psycho from another planet with worldkiller dreams… Who may or may not want to kill you at the end of the episode… So is Alex Danvers the answer? There sure was a lot of Alex/Ruby bonding. And with children on Alex’s bucket list: Ruby maybe the solution

Our background history babble on Reign came from holo-mom Alura and preacherThomas Coville from our Faithful episode. It was like glyphs and low speak and Book of Rao and mark of the beast, work of the beast, reign of the beast or something…

In any case after murdering a bunch of gang members during a drug deal, Reign tells Supergirl that she is Truth, Judgement and Death but no clear reason why she cares about Supergirl unless it’s that she’s in the way?

Origin Time! Mon El tells the Supergirl and the DEO that in the 31st century he founded the Legion or as Wynn adds the Legion of “Super-heroes” and that Supergirl was the inspiration - check out the sneak of his Legion costume. It’s not the familiar comic Mon-El red and blue but it does have a place for a crest that resembles Supergirl’s House of El. Did any one else catch Imra Ardeen “the Saturn Girl” saying Supergirl will be okay at the end of the episode? It sounded more like pre-cognition or even future knowledge than just a throwaway line…

Next up it’s the Legion! With Mon-El, Saturn Girl and… Brainiac 5! We caught a glimpse of all three suited up and wearing Legion Flight Rings in our extended promo - For the comic universe and possibly as the result of green screen limitations Brainiac 5 will not be green like his comic counter part but blue… will Brainiac 5 and Kara strike up a romance like in the comics as well? Maybe not with all the anemic blue foundation he has on… swipe left.

Brainiac 5 is also from the planet colu, will there be any association or call back to another coluan season one villain Indigo aka Brainiac 8 who worked with Non to bring Supergirl down?

And is Brainiac emerging from one of the pods on the Legion ship? Weren’t there 5 pods and not just three?

With a comatose Supergirl trapped in a mind-prison and Reign, uh reigning terror down on our city… who will stop her? Could it be the Legion? It’s an all new Supergirl…. Legion of Superheroes!