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The Flash: Barry goes on trial, and hot new Clifford creeps out his wife (S04:E09)

Posted at 12:05 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 12:05:40-05

Hey Flash fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

It's the Trial of Barry Allen! And spoilers - he's convicted in the murder of Clifford Devoe! Which brings me to this week's Flashpoints.

Motivational Speak-Up

So, without any obvious way out of the evidence that Barry killed Clifford -- the body in Barry's condo which Captain Singh walked in on, the DNA under Clifford's fingernails, the murder weapon wedding gift, Clifford's cease and desist against Barry -- the only hope Cecile can come up with is for Barry to reveal his Flash identity. And Iris almost does it for him.

But I'm just going throw this out there as a former criminal trial lawyer and police detective and professional juror: Why would Barry want to kill Devoe? I mean, seriously, I think I screamed a couple of times because Barry had no motivation to kill Devoe from any of the evidence presented. Why, at least, wasn't Captain Singh continuing an investigation like Ralph and Joe were when they snapped that photo of Marlize and hot new Clifford Dominique?

Deus Ex Mechanic

We're still not sure what Devoe is trying to bring about. Caitlyn first asks, at the beginning of episode, why Devoe would want to create all the other metas on the bus if all he wanted was Dominque's body. And hot new Clifford taunts Barry at the end saying, "You'd think you'd understand the breadth of what I'm about to do." What I do think is Marlize keeps pushing this notion of what she's willing to sacrifice for her marriage, like she keeps pushing it a lot, but I think she may be the break for this reason. Also, the hot new Clifford does seem to ick her out a bit with all his.. I dunno... hotness.

Nuclear Option

Our subject number seven makes his debut with Neil Borman -- aka Fallout -- a man who's unknowing radioactivity threatens to destroy the entire city. Anyone else thought it strange Fallout's day as a nuclear waste truck driver seemed a little... unwise? Like, can we legit tour town with a nuclear waste semi-truck? Also, when Cisco popped up in broad daylight in his Vibe party gear, I probably wouldn't have stopped my truck. Our Flash Squad ultimately gets the jump on Fallout with Flash creating a vacuum around him as Cisco Vibes the uh fallout to Earth 15 a dead alternate Earth, according to Harry.

The trickster returns to terrorize Central City! And with Barry still behind bars, is Ralph up the challenge?

With a play on a classic Batman storyline in the title, It's the newest Flash, The Elongated Knight Rises.

Photography by Rueben Gonzales