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Arrow: Oliver tries to bring the team together and James kills Bertinelli… What next? (S06:E09)

Posted at 9:12 AM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-25 09:12:54-05

Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

With our team divided, Cayden James criminal Cabal makes a move on the Star City docks currently under control of the last patriarch of the Bertinelli crime family Jerry Bertinelli.

Back in the Arrowcave, Felicity discovers the Arrowcave had been bugged by Cayden James after Curtis’ visit to use an experimental chip to heal Diggle’s tremors.

Side note: When Curtis mentions the awkwardness of bumping into Oliver moments earlier in the elevator, Curtis says the team breakup happened that morning… Yet later when Dinah is talking to Vince the Vigilante, she says hasn’t been Black Canary for five weeks. Anyhoo…

Using a license plate Felicity is finally able to track James, leading Oliver to fly solo going after James and in doing so discovers the members of his Cabal: Black Siren, Anatoly, Richard Dragon and Vince the Vigilante. Oliver had only one option and that was flee. I admit I was a little disappointed Oliver’s ploy wasn’t to plant a surveillance device of his own on James.

Armed with this new info, Team Arrow reveals the Cabal to Curtis, Renee and Dinah leaving Dinah’s hopeful reunion plans with Vince the Vigilante dashed. This also means that Cabal knows their worst kept secret… their secret identities. It’s possible James leaked that info to Samanda Watson something Curtis discovers when he hacks into Watson’s file to help Renee get out of testify against the team.

The fight for the docks culminates with the Green Arrow and Jerry Bertinelli losing in part due to Arrow being down his entire team. Oh and James killing Bertinelli for conspiring with Oliver.

Realizing he can’t take on James alone after his defeat Oliver attempts to bring the team back together but fumbles in the apology.

So on the outs with Team Arrow, Curtis invites Renee and Dinah into a team of his own based out of Cayden James old Helix headquarters. Plus, Curtis’ final tweak to the experimental chip gets Diggle back in the game.

Is it all for naught as Cayden James plans to watch the city burn come to fruition in our new preview?

With the city’s technology under James control, how can Team Arrow and Team Terrific cope? Its a brand new Arrow “We Fall”