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Supergirl: Lillian Luther returns and Worldkillers are still on the loose (S03:E11)

Posted at 1:19 PM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-05 13:19:27-05

Hello my Supergirl Super Friends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Comics fans! If you were hesitant to pick up this episode based on the preview – our final showdown was well worth your time. I’ll get back to that in a second...

Our preview gave us the return of the Morgan Edge/Lena Luthor rivalry kicking off with an attempt on Edge’s life when his breaks are cut on his car. So how do you return the favor? Have Lena poisoned. He ain’t playing. The real surprise this episode was the return of mama bear Lillian Luthor out to get revenge on Edge for poisoning Lena. (Lena lives btdubbs… shocker I know)

Oh hey did anyone else realize we didn’t find out who originally tried to kill Morgan Edge by cutting his breaks? Like some of the Lillian/Lena convo might’ve sounded like a confession but no one really owned up to it. Right?

The Lena attempted poisoning leaves Edge in mama Lillian’s sights as our final show brings us the Lex. Luthor. Green. Exo-Armor WarSuit!!! First debuting in Action Comics #544 the warsuit gave Lex super-human strength, Flight, Force fields, energy blasts. And in this episode Lillian dons the warsuit to make her super-human while battling Supergirl and Mon El in her assassination attempt on Morgan Edge.

Ultimately Mon El uses a drone to blast the warsuit of Lillian (Quick shout to Legion villain Computo in the lead up to take over the drone) leaving Lena and Jimmy the Guardian take on Edge ending with both Lillian and Edge being arrested. Edge for the poisoning attempt and Lillian for I dunno rocking a killer warsuit

We did get a little more movement on the Worldkiller sub-plot when Wynn uses a reverse meteor kryptonite impact from Krypton’s destruction to find four possible candidates… sure… of course.. duh.. And Supergirl immediately recognizes Julia Freeman as worldkiller Purity from her dream at the beginning. So wait wait wait back it up… Is Supergirl having book of Rao religious visions or is this some new p re-cognition dream ability – weird.

And as Mon El tells us this episode (Because characters hold information until it’s relevant to move the plot forward) the Worldkillers were created on Krypton but not Kryptonian… This is why Reign isn’t super powered by the yellow sun and mostly unaffected by Kryptonite… It also suggests a different power set for the worldkillers… maybe that’s why Samantha was able to handle the needle puncture to drawn blood earlier. If you remember to my earlier recaps, I already told you the Worldkillers were biological weapons created by Supergirl’s dad Zor El.

Oh and do I need to mention again that Ruby is going to be what brings Samantha back from Reign and that Alex is probably going to adopt Ruby if Samantha doesn’t survive? Samantha even says it “My greatest fear is no one will protect Ruby”

Up next it’s the word of justice and the scalding light – Purity! As Supergirl and the DEO find and imprison Julia Freeman and what’s her power we see in the preview? It looks like a canary cry…

Let’s find out in the newest Supergirl as worldkiller number 2 debuts in “Both Sides now”