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The Flash: Embiggen is a word, Cecile is now telepathic, and a big ‘oh no!” moment has Barry in trouble (S04 :E12)

Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 17:53:44-05

Hey Flash Fans!

It’s a new dark matter meta in our main plot and a cold case from 15 years ago in our subplot. Hey guys what’s your bet our subplot and main plot will collide? Nah – that’ll never happen. Okay it totally happens which brings me to this weeks Flashpoints

Embiggen is a perfectly Cromulent Word

Our Sylbert Rundine reveal is as I mentioned last recap – he’s Dwarfstar! In the comics he’s an Atom villain with a Dwarfster belt. In our Flash Arrowverse, he’s a dark matter meta created when Flash emerged from the speedforce and a dark matter wave poured over a nearby bus. That makes him our subject number eight! Leaving four dark matter exposed passengers to be discovered.

Rundine is a thief with the ability to shrink and “embiggen” objects and people which he does to Ralph and Cisco when they attempt to apprehend him.

“embiggen” by the way is a Simpsons reference! In the 1996 episode Lisa the Iconoclast, during a showing of film of the reenactment of Springfield’s founding, Jebidiah Springfield utters the town’s motto “a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.” Embiggen is also used by Marvel comics teen hero Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel when she uses her super power to grow and expand her body. After being used by Cisco, Harry aptly points out “embiggen is not a word.

Telepaths for everyone!

Soooo Cecile is temporarily telephathic.  Like it didn’t make much sense… She wasn’t pregnant during the particle accelerator accident but somehow Caitlyn explains it away as exposure to either dark matter or the accelerator and that it should subside after the birth of her and Joe’s baby. Her new powers do provide additional comic relief to an episode already packed with a two teenie, tiny skrunken comedians Ralph and Cisco.

But trust me fans her telephathic powers aren’t a fluke, they will play out this season… Oh hey hot new Clifford DeVoe has Dominic’s telephathic powers…  hmmmm… And side note does anyone else  ant to connect the mysterious girl that’s popped up twice this season: once during the wedding and once at Jitters to Cecile and Joe’s baby? Just me?

JaiJu Justice

Once Rundin is apprehended by Team Flashless Flash, he refuses to confess to a murder 15 years ago at Mercury Labs, the one Big Sir is locked up for… so Barry who’s staying in jail despite his own innocence dispenses his own justice/judgement and prison breaks Big Sir to a monk village in JiaJu, China. Does anyone else see the problem with this?

The proof is in the Druggy pudding

Shortly after the break, the warden reveals he’s had a camera on Barry this entire time and knows Barry is the Flash. After a little druggy pudding, the warden locks Barry in a secret cell inside Iron Heights and calls Amunet Black! Yes! I mean oh no! The warden had warned Barry the “everyone in here is a monster” and the warden has been selling valuable metas and criminals to Amunet!

This was everything! Most Super-hero shows introduce a main villain at the start of the season then fluff episode fill mid-season until the main villain returns at the season finale. I was worried the prison plot would be exactly that. But with the return of Amunet, a character that’s been expertly seeded into the season we’re getting an exciting new direction mid-season.

But is she part of the Thinkers plans? She sold the Devoes dark matter meta Dominique who’s body Clifford now inhabits. It’s a new twist in this fantastic season of Flash

The warden’s secret is Amunet’s gain… and Flash is the prize. It’s a new Flash True Colors!