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Riverdale: Did Hiram order a mob hit? And Riverdale gets dark again with a (literal) bloody mess (S02:E12)

Posted at 3:51 PM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-07 15:52:00-05

Hello Riverdale Class of 2018! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Wicked and Divine brought as more teen drama, more town drama… but its about that ending tho…

So I got conflicting signals from Archie this week… He kicks off the episode being the errand boy for Hiram Lodge. His eagerness is undercut by his continued involvement with FBI agent Adams (Who’s I’m still not confident is an FBI agent).

So Archie gets invited to the Lodge “criminal” family poker tournament being held at Pop’s as a server… Archie overhears Papa Poutine saying Hiram has gotten sloppy. When Archie reveals this info to Hiram, Hiram picks up the phone… fast forward to the end of episode where Agent Adams tells Archie Papa Poutine was the victim of a mob hit aaaand as Veronica is about to spill all the family business Archie tells Veronica to stop.

Gah! Is Archie being pressured by Adams and that’s his reason for getting close to Hiram? But then he lies about knowing Papa Poutine was a hit. Is he merely getting close to Hiram to be close to Veronica? Is he lured by Hiram’s power and influence and really wants in? Did he stop Veronica from telling him anything so she can play ignorant once Archie does learn from Hiram about their dealings. Gah! The only thing I know is this can’t end well

So here’s what you need to remember:

It’s Veronica’s Catholic confirmation episode! You knew it was coming! Okay so no one did. But it did get the Lodge “crime” family together and some odd duet of Bittersweet Symphony between Josie and Veronica.

Mayor Siera McCoy was working over time this episode having Sheriff Keller serve eviction notices to FP and Jughead and the residents of the Sunnyside Trailer Park; Apologizing to Veronica and the Lodges; and giving Hiram the land deed to Southside High

Penny Peabody returned offering to help the Serpents with those eviction notices at Sunnyside but she wants Jughead kicked outta the Serpent and she wants to cut out his serpent tattoo with a dirty knife… you know kinda like he did to her. I still haven’t gotten over that act of barbarism by Jughead btdubbs regardless of what a witch Penny is

Jughead and Betty find the head of the General Pickens statue at a junkyard and the proprietor fingers Serpent Tallboy! Wait… you know what I mean… Then when confronted Tallboy reveals that Hiram was behind Tallboy’s stealing of the statue head. Oh and it’s the Serpents revenge as the head is delivered to Hiram hidden as a Veronica confirmation gift

Dark Betty briefly reappears as Betty with her dark Betty wig and inspired by Chicks line of work has some type to webcam chat sitch going on… was it for pay or kicks? We don’t immediately know because Alice interrupts.

And. Our. End. Of. Episode. Gets. Us. Back to Dark Riverdale… After Betty and Jughead sex sesh… Because “I want all of you” pretty much told us so… Betty returns home to discover mom Alice mopping up blood beside the body of Chick’s Boss? Chick’s John? I dunno IMDB calls him Shady Man but I do know its about to get real crazy, real quick!

It’s a body to be dealt with as a hasty decision comes back to haunt Betty and the Coopers. Plus what is Chick up to?

And more of Hiram’s takeover of the town and the serpent territory in a brand new Riverdale “the Tell-Tale Heart”