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Legends of Tomorrow: Young Martin Stein, John Constantine arrive as Jackson departs (S03:E08)

Posted at 4:17 PM, Feb 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-12 16:17:57-05

Hello, my Legends Legionnaires!

Legends is baaaack but on Mondays in Supergirl’s time slot, which means Supergirl is taking a two-month break while we get nine consecutive episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. My hope is that the day/time slot change will nab Legends the audience it deserves… It's my fav show. Shhhh... don’t tell the other shows.

Having lost Martin Stein, one half of Firestorm, in the massive Crisis on Earth X crossover, imagine my surprise that this episode starts with Young Martin Stein, whom we last saw in Season 2's Comprised, set during Reagan’s presidency. For a minute, I was wondering if they would Firestorm pair Jackson with Young Stein. Nope. But we did get a cool almost moment in their final handshake. The typical start to a Firestorm transformation…

It’s 1992 and Young Stein is on the quest for the perfect Hanukah gift for Lily and it’s 1992’s must have item Beebo the talking doll… Once with his prized  Beebo in hand Young Stein is mysterious teleported to 1000 BC where the Vikings have landed in the America’s to conquer and colonize. Quick note…  we never get an answer on who pulled Young Stein the past. We could assume it’s this episode’s villains Damien and Nora Darhk but we never get that answered.

Meanwhile back on the Waverider, our Legends are still in deep mourning over the death of older Doctor Stein when a time quake alerts them to a transformed America from the Vikings conquering the new world having never abandoning their colony because… surprise Beebo told them t o.

Agent Ava Sharpe pops up to help our Legends and Helloooo Nurse! She’s got her hair down and over her shoulder and at one point mentions She’s “not the husband type.” While I’m not getting the chemistry per se, they are leading us down the path of some Agent Sharpe/Sarah Lance action. And good on the producers challenging the classic sci-fi trope the male lead get the gal. After Alex Danvers in our crossover and something sparking with Agent Sharpe… you go Sarah.

The Beebo heist to fix the timeline almost happens but surprise! Damien and Nora jump in as Norse God Odin and a valkyrie altering the timeline even further. Why? I dunno. Our only clue is the reveal to the team that Gorilla Grodd survived Vietnam. The implication being that Darhk’s goal is time chaos for his true master Mallus.

It’s in the end we get our first glimpse of a noncorporeal Mallus. Right after a little team action defeats Darhk and Nora, Sarah hitches a ride as they try to escape coming face to face with Mallus in some type of alternate dimension. It’s giving me all very Sauron and Lord of the Rings.. and remember Mallus is voice by John Noble of Fringe fame and Denethor from Lord of the Rings… See brought that back… full circle

Our end of episode brings two surprises: First the departure of Jackson. Without older Dr Stein, Jackson decides to spend some time away to discover himself but never fear fans, heroes and  villains never really leave this show forever… well, unless you’re a hot character.

Jackson’s departure also gives the Waverider room for another hero… and it’s our second surprise guest star and DC warlock John Constantine! Constantine sneaks on board to tell Sarah of a young girl possessed by a demon, a demon who knows Sarah’s name!

Producers have promised to address Constantine’s bisexuality, something that exists in the comics but  was rejected for his short-lived TV show. Hmmm... with Earth X’s very gay Citizen Cold Leo Snart having joined our crew, is there a Leo/Constatine romp in our future?

Up next! The Legends travel to present day to take on Constatine’s demon-possessed young girl. Oh, hey. Is that Young Nora Darhk?? The episode title certainly is a clue.

It’s nine weeks of new Legends of Tomorrow s kicking off with Daddy Darhkest!