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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: It’s the quest for the fourth totem (S03:E11)

Posted at 2:34 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 14:34:32-05

Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

It's Here I go again. It's Here I go again. It's Here I go again. Is it a repeating day like in Bill Murray's Ground Hog day as Dr Nate suggests? Or is it a repeating time loop ending with the destruction of the ship like in Star Trek the Next Generations Cause and Effect as Ray Palmer suggests? Or is it a third possibility?

We kick off with the Legends returning from two side by side yet related missions: Mick Rory from 1815 and the Battle of Waterloo and Sara, Ray, Nate and Amaya in ABBA-esque disco garb from 1975 who un-coincidentally performed the song Waterloo in 1975. How these two missions collided to assure Napoleon's defeat at the Battle of Waterloo is never explained and it could have been its own hilarious episode... but you can find a hilarious music video directed by Sara Lance herself Caity Lotz on her twitter/IG feed.

Our time loop begins with the returning team right as Zari is running a simulation to look for time hacks just like she did for Helen of Troy. Her hope is to find a time hack to save her home of 2042. Once the simulation begins we're strapped in for 30+ minutes of repeating comedic moments as Zari attempts to find out why the ship explodes dooming our crew within an hour of each loop starting.

Over the course of the repeating loops Zari is able to find the trigger references Ground Hog Day/Star Trek that bring Nate and Ray along to aid her quest and eventually Sara. She also discovers the team secrets! Nate and Amaya's continued affair, Mick's erotica novelist pursuits, Sara's flirtations with Agent Sharpe and Constantine's directive for Ray to kill Sara if Mallus takes her over

Once the cause of the explosions is discovered to be a bomb planted by Damien Dark in a 1970's walkman playing Waterloo natch, Zari sacrifices herself to save them team. Saying to our Legends having spent so much time with them over and over and over again, they've truly become her family.

Then she awakes in the med bay... kinda! It wasn't Ground Hog Day or Star Trek Cause and Effect! Our Legends writers riffing off those episodes created something entirely new, the third option! Her time looping situation was a simulation as manipulated by the seemly inoperative Waverider AI Gideon. Oh Gideon! You so cruel!

While trying to fix Gideon, Zari spills time fluid on herself sending her to med bay and thus begins Gideon’s insertion of Zari into the simulations as she's uploaded Zari's consciousness into her matrix. Confusing? Kinds. You see Gideon’s discovered through Zari's program that she launched at the beginning of the episode that Zari can in fact save 2042 but only if Zari stays with the Legends to defeat Mallus... something that wasn't going to happen after Zari's earlier fight with Sara. Gideon’s ploy is to get Zari to bond with the Legends through the repeated time loop and the revelation of the crews very human secrets. And it works!

Our end of episode welcomes back Flash/Arrowverse character Wally West the Kid Flash! Rip Hunter having escaped time jail requests 2018 Wally's help in his battle against Mallus. Will he accept? And can we just drop the Kid and call him Flash now? Up next our Legends travel to 1717 in search of the pirate Blackbeard treasure... but why?

Ah... Our title says it all, it's the quest for the fourth totem in our newest Legends of Tomorrow 'the Curse of the Earth Totem!'