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The Flash: Barry’s prison break goes bad and Ralph gets tricky as the Flash B Team is called in (S04:E14)

Posted at 10:19 AM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 10:19:24-05

Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

The preview made us think this episode True Colors was an Amunet Black plot but it was so much villainous more as Dominique Devoe goes murderous and Team Flash uses a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Which brings me to this week's Flashpoints:

Trapped in a special meta cell, Barry discovers his fellow imprisoned metas are none other than four of dark matter metas!

Killgore, Becky Sharpe Hazard, Black Bison and Dwarfstar! With a little crime lab Barry ingenuity, he's able to free all of them prior to the sale to Amunet for some prison break action beneath an old wing of Iron Heights. Once free in the prison yard, they're stopped by the Warden.

The Warden reveals Barry’s secret identity, causing the dark matter metas to turn on him, since Flash is the reason for their imprisonment.

Fortunately, Barry made a bond with Becky Sharpe during the prison break, one that will convince Becky that she isn't defined by villainy.

So she turns her bad luck powers on Killgore, Dwarfstar and Black Bison and the late comer to the fight, Amunet Black!

Unfortunately for Becky, her new found heroism is ended by a sudden appearance of Dominique Devoe. In fact Devoe ends the lives of all of our new dark meta matter escapees! Bummer, really.

With an assist from a new chair created by Marlize Devoe the mechanic, Dominique’s Doc-Ock like tendrils attach themselves to the villains and one by one he delivers a killing current.

He saves Becky for last - but Becky doesn't appear to die. Instead Dominique body jumps into Becky! Leaving the Dominique Devoe body lifeless.

Later with Marlize, Becky still has Dominique’s telepathy! So does Becky also have her bad luck powers? Wha?! Is it also possible Devoe has all the dark matter metas powers that he's killed so far? Hmmm is that part of his plan? To siphone off their abilities?

The Flash B Team was called in this episode with Cecile using her telepathy to aid the team in discovering the Warden's sinister sale plans of Barry to Amunet.

And Ralphs new found shape shifting impersonation ability to first fake the Warden and at our end of episode faking Old Clifford Devoe. Sadly our Vibe and Killer Frost power-up moment goes nowhere when their rescue attempt get rejected by Barry.

In a nice twist on the Devoe trickery of having Dominique frame Barry using old Clifford's lifeless body, Ralph uses is shape shifting ability to pretend being a very much alive old Clifford Devoe! Dun dun dun!

This episode was so rich in super villains, or Rogues, something Flash is known for though often ridiculous and outrageous in concept they're a welcome change from prior seasons speedster big bads.

And in our newest Flash, we're getting another classic Flash villain the Fiddler who debuted in All-Star Flash #32 in 1948 against Jay Garrick Flash! This issue also features an appearance of the Clifford Devoe the Thinker and his Thinking Cap in a separate story.

Isaac Bowin uses his fiddle to hypnotize his unwitting victims. Occasionally the fiddler abilities included sound force waves like a canary cry and dimensional transport not unlike Vibe all by using his fiddle.

For our Flash/Arrowverse, Izzy Bowin the Fiddler is our powerful Subject Number 9 - another dark matter meta.

With Devoe killing the dark matter metas, is her encounter with Team Flash a rescue mission? And is Ralph on Devoes list too?

Buy extra copies fans! It's a brand new Flash and the first collectible appearance of the Fiddler in Subect Number Nine!

Photography by Reuben Gonzales