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Arrow: Cayden James this season’s bad guy? Think again! (S06:E13)

Posted at 3:52 PM, Mar 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-01 15:52:28-05

Hello, Team Arrow!

Did you think Cayden James and his Cabal was this season's big bad? Well, think again, as Arrow flips the script and a new big bad emerges in the Devil's Greatest Trick!

So James' threat to blow up the city is imminent, with our only hope being the video of James' son, Owen, being killed by the Green Arrow revealed as a fake. We already know the video's a fake and it's former Helix-hacker Alena, with the save early on revealing the true identity of Owen James' killer. With video in hand, Spartan and Green Arrow are Flash'ed in front of James for the reveal... no, really, they were Flash'ed. Thanks, Flash! Maybe stay and save the city next time?

Oh, but did you think it would be so simple to stop the bomb plot once James knows is his sons true killer? Oh, silly, we've still got 30 more minutes to fill! Instead of James handing over the detonator and saying 'My bad,' he demands Team Arrow find his missing Cabal members Black Siren, Anatoly, and Richardo Diaz.

Thus begins the episode quest to get the rest of the Cabal, with Dinah Black Canary, of course standing in their way, to capture Black Siren -- because she's still pissed Black Siren killed her ex-partner and lover, Vince the Vigilante.

The reunion of Cayden James Cabal and Team Arrow and Team Outsiders, of course goes awry, with the arrival Oliver sons William who show because wants to, I dunno, hug it out. But uh-oh! Black Siren confesses to being the rogue agent setting up the death of Owen and manipulating video. Nah, girl - you ain't no tech genius Laurel Lance, Earth one, Earth two, any Earth... Of course no one else buys it either, so Laurel just canary cries them all over.

With all the villains now scattered, our teams chase them, leaving William, James and Oliver with the detonator. This sets us up for some nice play back and forth between Oliver and Cayden over the importance of family... and giving Oliver the opportunity to shoot the detonator out of James' hand.

And thus with James in custody, our bomb threat ends and quite possibly our season long... maybe... with James alone in the police interrogation Ricardo Diaz emerges, reveals himself to be the real villain and kills James! "This city is prime for a takeover." Okay, so that was out of nowhere! I'd wondered if Richard Dragon aka Ricardo Diaz was going to actually do something season. And he did. Color me surprised.

But that's not all. Moving to really weird, almost ick territory, Quentin Lance has captured his daughter's Earth 2 doppelganger, Laurel Lance Black Siren, with the intent to imprison her until she realizes she really is a good person and not a villainous murderer from another Earth. Hey Quentin, besides moving into stalker/serial killer/horror movie territory, I'm thinking this isn't such a great idea.

Buuuuut, as our new trailer reveals, it does provide motivation for the continued discord between our two teams: Team Arrow and Team Outsiders. Can they come to terms over Black Siren's fate?

Tension level 10 as it hero vs hero in our new Arrow, "Collision Course!"