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Legends of Tomorrow: Pirates and totems showdown! (S03:E12)

Posted at 1:08 PM, Mar 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-05 13:08:11-05

Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

We kick off the Curse of the Earth Totem with the Legends in search of well - the Earth Totem in 1717 Nassau. It’s in the possession of Pirate Captain Blackbeard's pirate queen Abby who died while within its power. To find its location, Nate, Ray and Mick launch tales of the dread pirate Ju-A with Amaya playing the lead to befriend and infiltrate Blackbeard and his crew!

But the bad luck of the Bermuda Triangle drives the Waverider back to 2018 Star City where it crashes ruining Sara's first date with Agent Ava Sharp leaving pirate Mick and pirate Amaya I mean the Dread Ju-A alone in the quest.  But uh-oh - Amaya loses her spirit totem to Damian and Nora when they crash the quest! It then becomes a race to get the only victory they can - the emerald Earth totem!

Meanwhile Wally West has teamed up with Rip Hunter after a night of drunken Karaoke! And Wally can sing! And not sloppily talk/sing off key with one hand over head while trying to hold back tears during Careless Whisper… what? Just me? Anyway Rip convinces Wally to pants Time Agent Gary stealing his phone, pants and more importantly his Time Carrier - you know those cool time doors Agent Sharp and the other agents use to move through time?

Because all Time Agents are sloppy with their Time Carriers, Ray and Nate lift Agent Sharp's from her and jump back to 1717 to join the battle between Damien, Nora, Mick and Amaya aaaaaand a resurrected pirate Abby in possession of the Earth Totem! In the ensuing battle Ray shoots Nora with nanite gun dropping Nora to the ground giving Amaya the opportunity to snag the Earth Totem.

Guilt over poisoning Nora leads Ray to travels back alone to save her and he asks for Amaya's totem in exchange. Damien agrees but once Nora is saved Damien takes him captive!

Score board time

Our Legends only have two totems: Zari's air totem and the newly acquired Earth totem

And Damien has three totems: Amaya's Spirit totem, Kuasa's water totem and a broken fire totem he snagged from the detroit museum (this happened off screen btw)

So of what use will Ray the scientist be to Damien? Maybe fix the fire totem - eh? Plus hold tight fans the secret to the sixth totem is about to be revealed. Will we get clues in this episode?

It's a search and hopeful rescue of Ray Palmer the Atom in our next new Legends of Tomorrow "No Country for Old Dads"