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The Flash: It’s new dark matter meta matter time and Iris has powers (S04:E15)

Posted at 3:51 PM, Mar 13, 2018

Hey Flash Fans! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

When eco-terrorist Veronica Dale of Eden Core sets off a nuclear bomb from an ARGUS transport, our cameras speed up to show the limbo world the Flash lives in when the rest of time seems frozen and he moves at super speed.  Which brings me to this weeks Flashpoints

Limbo, Limbo

Barry's newest trick is to speed up non-speed force enabled characters bringing them into his time limbo or "Flashtime!" And one by one from Cisco to Harry to Killer Frost to Iris he pulls them in seeking a solution to the nuclear bomb that's about to destroy Central City. Guest stars Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick aid him throughout the episode until they too get too fatigued to remain at super speed.

Quark Quirk

In a bit of science talk I didn't follow Jesse says a lightning bolt thrown by all three speedsters would neutralize the explosion. Jay however is unable to produce one because he's old... no really that was the reason. He might retire even.

Thinking he's out of options Barry pulls Iris into Flashtime to say goodbye. And its Iris who suggests that Barry use the Quark sphere - wait, what? oooooh that's why there was lengthy recap at the beginning explaining how they got Barry out of the speed for prison but in case you forgot Iris is going to remind us again at this moment too. All Barry needs to do is go into the speed force, grab the Quark sphere encoded with DNA and toss it at the bomb and the speed force lightning chasing it would neutralize the bomb.

Uh they do know they just created a void in the speed force prison once again, right?

All in the Family?

It must be middle of the season because this was a very minimal episode without any movement on our Clifford Devoe season long plot. But we did get the return of our recurring mystery character. She's now popped up three times! At the wedding of Barry and Iris where she chatted excitedly with Barry, in the Elongated Knight Rises where she pays for Ralph and Cisco's coffee and in Enter Flashtime once again at Jitters where spills coffee on Harry and Caitlyn... Okay so who is she?

I have two guesses and they both involve Barry and Iris and things we know from the comics.

First She could be Dawn Allen, one half of the Tornado Twins, the twin children of Barry and Iris, D-a-w-n Dawn and D-o-n Don Allen. Interestingly they lived in a future where the government exploited metahumans so they kept their powers secret. Sound familiar? This is also the future of 2042 where Zari from Legends of Tomorrow comes from... Could there be a crossover planned? Its certainly likely with Wally West now on Legends

Second, she could be Jenni Ognats the granddaughter of Barry and Iris and the daughter of Dawn Allen. Jenni was known as the speedster XS who fought alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. Although in a different universe this connection could tie back to Supergirl since the Legion of Super-Heroes is appearing there.

Buuut... while we did see her marking speed force like symbols in a notebook when she bumped into Ralph and Cisco, this time around her meeting with Harry and Caitlyn seemed tinged with something sinister

Put all that speculation on hold because it's new dark matter meta matter time! When a new bus meta emerges with the abilities to swap DNA, he zaps Barry and Iris giving Iris speed force powers! Wait that science doesn't really make sense but hey! Iris gets to suit up!

And she's the only one who can stop a new threat to central city. It's Iris West, the Flash in the next new Flash "Run, Iris, Run!"