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Legends of Tomorrow: Elvis and the death totem! (S03:E14)

Posted at 2:42 PM, Mar 19, 2018

Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Spirit! Air! Water! Fire! Earth and now the sixth totem discovered  - and it's death! The Legends have 3 and Damien Darhk has 2. Who will get the sixth?

When a time anachronism so powerful that it changes elements of our Legends albeit comical ones like Nate's palmeade and Mick's rats' name, Gideon tracks the problem to 1954 Memphis and an altered history in which Rock and Roll never came to exist.

Sara's quick sweep of newspaper headlines reveals Elvis never became the king of rock and roll so our Legends jaunt back to 1954 a day before Elvis records his first single and makes his radio debut!

As Elvis plays his first chord during church, Zari's air totem reacts as Elvis' guitar is powered by the sixth totem! Via an off camera conversation Sara has with Constantine, okay wait wait - there's been a question about what the sixth Zambesi totem is? Like it was removed from history and Zambesi totem bearer Amaya is clueless and suddenly Constantine’s like Death totem - duh? Gideon is even able to pull up an image and stats on it... if it was a zombie it would have bit you

The death totems connection to well - the dead has made Elvis' guitar haunted by the spirit of his twin Jesse so Elvis is reluctant to give up the totem. And once Elvis' first single is played on the radio the song enchanted by the death totem raises the dead who begin to terrorizing the town.

Only Elvis can dispel the ghosts using the same guitar that raised them so he performs Amazing Grace setting our spirits back to rest including his brother Jesse. With his guitar no longer haunted, Elvis willing give the Legends the death totem.

Some points: Once again Zari wins comedy this episode “so we’re going to vanquish a time demon with our killer harmonies” ... and Wally West slows down enough to cement his place with our crew. Amaya also tells Nate I love you in a moment when he can't hear her say the words. I'm wondering between Zari wanting to save 2042 and Kuasa wanting to save her grandmother Amaya and prevent Zambesi's destruction and Amaya love for Nate... Is there an answer all six totems can provide for these characters beyond defeating Mallus?

The Legends now have the death totem but can they contain it? Nope. Sara borrows Killer Frost's wig and goes a little heavy on the mascara as she becomes possessed by the totem. And possibly Mallus. Quick call in Constantine!

Aaaand who would be the ideal candidate for a fire totem... hmmmm Any guesses? Anyone we know? It's a brand new Legends of Tomorrow "Necromancing the Stone!"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales