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Supergirl: Alex and Kara take on Purity, Samantha is still a terrible mom (S03:E14)

Posted at 1:19 PM, Apr 16, 2018

Hello my Supergirl, Superfriends! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Love my Legends of Tomorrow but it's been nine weeks since a new Supergirl! So let's catch you up on last episode because it was a Worldkiller!

The DEO has tracked down Julia Freeman aka Purity. And we get sonics, freeze breath, and ice wall and an intangible Martian Manhunter before Purity is taken down. It was awesome! This episode did not hold back on the superpowers. Back at the DEO, Supergirl attempts to talk past Purity to her Julia Freeman identity to no avail while instead Alex taunts the Purity persona

Purity however escapes when her Kryptonian crystal ignites in Winn’s lab and powers down the DEO. The crystal also causes worst mom in the world Samantha Arias to switch to her Reign persona and abandon daughter Ruby at an ice skating rink across town.

Winn is able to track down Purity to a subway line and before departing he gives Supergirl and crew special devices making them immune to Purity's sonics. But that doesn't help the train terminal as Purity unleashes - nearly bringing down the underground station on top of the commuters.

Alex taking a change in tactic pulls the Julia Freeman identity out of Purity to save the commuters. But just as you thought the battle was over, Reign appears knocking Alex to the ground and attempts to kill her. Julia pleads with Reign to stop and willing leaves with Reign to spare Alex's life.

We conclude with our Dark Kryptonian mom torturing Julia to allow Purity to take complete control.

Side notes: We learn this episode that Mon El and Imra's marriage was arranged to unite their planets and that he only grew to lover her over time. Opening up to her about his feelings for Kara results in Imra teasing him and us that the Legion has a different mission than what's been revealed. So how does this tie back to Supergirl?

And after rescuing Ruby from the ice rink, Lena confronts Samantha about her disappearances. During the confrontation, Samantha briefly flashes into Reign. So Lena offers to help! Does Lena know Samantha is Reign? Will Lena's assistance to Sam be the piece that switches Lena from Ally to Enemy?

All of that's on hold as we delve into Winn's past. With the death of his father Winn Schott Sr aka the Toyman, Winn comes face to face with a copycat Toyman. The Toyman is one of my fav Superman villains for the complexity of his devices and traps and their eerie depiction of childhood playthings.

Lady Bird and Rosanne alum Sister Jackie Laurie Metcalf guest stars as Winn's mother Mary in a brand new Supergirl "Schott Through the Heart!"