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Flash: Null, Marlize, and Crucifer – Get ready to ‘Lose Yourself!’ (SO4:E17)

Posted at 4:12 PM, Apr 17, 2018

Hey Flash Fans!

The 11th dark matter meta discovered as the Clifford Devoe deception goes critical! Which brings me to the week's Flashpoints!


Haha - Got one! Janet Petty was another passenger on the fateful bus that Clifford Devoe manipulated to be bathed in dark matter radiation. Given new gravity manipulation powers, Janet quickly turned to a life crime as the jewel thief Null, complete with criminal record at Iron Heights. After foiling attempts to apprehend her, our Flash Squad successfully captures her when Ralph places the power dampening cuff... around her ankles. While not necessarily a team player, this gives the Flash Squad three dark matter metas: Null, Ralph and the power swapping, Melting Point.


One question we had dangling out there was the fate of the Weeper. With Devoe using the Weepers’ tears to manipulate and sedate Marlize, I didn't know if the Thinker had absorbed the Weeper and was creating his own tears, or if Devoe had the weeper captured. Aaaaand I still don't know.

But it's relevant to Marlize, who still thinks the Weeper is on the loose - a catch we learn when she corrects Devoe that three, not two, metas remain. Poor Marlize. Upon discovering the weeper’s tears in her coffee, she makes a desperate recording to remind herself of the deception only to learn that recording already exists. Izzy Bowen, now Clifford Devoe, reveals to her he's using weeper tears and Dominque’s psychic abilities to keep her under his control. Then, rather upsettingly, she is once again put back under Devoe’s control.


Nice shout to random DC comics character Crucifer, who first appeared in JLA #94 back in 2004 in a storyline called The Tenth Circle. Crucifer was part of an ancient race of vampires called The Tenth Circle, who crossed paths with both the JLA and the Doom Patrol. This only ties back into the episode for Danny Trejo the Breacher, who's lost his powers as a natural course of aging, but can't come to terms. Breacher eventually decides on retirement and offers Cisco a job! Will Vibe take it to be closer to Gypsy? It wasn't answered in this episode, fans.

One dark matter meta left, and that's Edwin Gauss. In DC Comics, he's known as the villain the Folded Man. The Folded Man can move between dimensions: 2D, 3D and 4D! Moving between dimensions might be useful if the Thinker is hiding in a pocket dimension of his own. Just sayin'.

Six episodes left as the Flash Squadron find a way into the Thinker's lair -- dot dot dot -- is it the debut of the Folded Man? Let's find out in a brand-new Flash, Lose Yourself!