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Supergirl: Mon El’s new threads, Lena makes it Reign (S03:E15)

Posted at 2:13 PM, Apr 30, 2018

Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

The midseason delay for Supergirl means that while the other CW shows are going full on into their season conclusions, Supergirl is moving the Reign/Worldkiller plot in small pushes.

As such last episode's reveal that J'onn's father Myr’nn is suffering from a type of Martian dementia takes over the main plot of this episode.

Myr’nn's attempt to keep his mind active is in actuality unleashing physic waves across the city causing violent outbursts pitting Winn against a DEO agent and Kara against Mon-El - and in a final battle between the DEO and DEO alien prisoners against our psychically shielded super friends.

What do we glean from all this: Here’s a list First Mon El has a rocking red and blue costume just like his comics version - hot!

Mon El's cape is based on Supergirl’s cape which is a Kryptonian Meta Material or smart cloth allowing both capes to whip and wrap around like weapons. Winn has developed tech based off the decease villain/hero psy that can psychically block Martian mind powers. And Mon El's flight ring has a basic ability to block these as well. Also J'onn can super punch a white Martian into unconsciousness - badass.

And finally, Myr'nn submits to a power dampening psychic blocker bracelet.

Back a L-Corp, Lena has Samantha contained for testing and reveals to Samantha that she's Reign. Which also serves to let us know that Lena knows and she's keeping it a secret from out Super Friends even super new love interest Jimmy Olsen.

At first Samantha doubts Lena, lashing out at her for being a Luther, but a provocation from Lena causes Samantha to revert to Reign and black out.

Once awakened a video replays the incident proving to Samantha she is indeed Reign. During the last black out Lena was able to gather DNA from Reign and points out Samantha is changing on a cellular level every time she metamorphosis into Reign.

We close with Mon El and Kara coming face to face with threat of the third Worldkiller Pestilence while taking flight over National City only to discover birds dying and dropping from the Sky.

With Pestilence eventually becoming Blight a Legion of Super Heroes villain in the future, it's time to bring in the legion. Imra Ardeen Saturn Girl returns just as National City becomes infected including Winn and Alex. Our new promo also promises Supergirl learning of Lena's kept secret that Samantha is Reign

Oh hey and did they ditch Brainy's bad, bad boy blue? Its a brand new Supergirl "Of Two Minds!"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales