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Arrow: Oliver gets shanked even before prison, and could Laurel be an ally? (S06:E20)

Posted at 4:15 PM, May 03, 2018

Hello Team Arrow! It's Richard from Zeus Comics!

Still going solo, Oliver has traveled to Moscow to pay his Bratva debt in hopes he can convince Anatoly to return to Russia. But surprise (not really), Anatoly doesn't bite and instead tasers the Kapushion (that's Russian for hood) and gives him over to Ricardo Diaz.

Once in Diaz' possession, Oliver and Diaz battle for the right to control Star City with the loser promising to leave the city forever.

Diaz of course plays dirty and pulls a knife on Oliver taking Oliver down. Since the City is under Diaz' control, his final play against to Oliver is to move up his trial telling Oliver his version of leaving town is going to be 25 to life.

There's are two wild cards in all of this.

First despite turning Oliver over to Diaz, Anatoly shows some hesitation after Diaz pulls the knife on Oliver. Is there a code of honor in battle that Diaz just broke thereby flipping Anatoly?

And our subplot between Quentin and Laurel shows Laurel to be sympathetic to her Earth one Dad.

When Diaz threatens now mayor Quentin Lance to sign a document giving Diaz legal control of some land Laurel comes between them. As viewers this was the first real spoken moment evil Laurel proves to us she's on Quentin's side. "We protect each other" telling us she may be an asset for Team Arrow.

Side note: Do you think that's why Flash introduced Siren X in their episode this week? Because Katie Cassiday/Laurel Lance sure plays a great villain and Siren X would keep that in the mix.

Aaaaaand Renee Ramirez Wilddog is back after having been absent for several episodes because he was so mortally wounded and never going to be able to put in on the mask again... but he's okay. It was just a flesh wound

Now John Diggle of Argus joins up with a reformed team outsiders to take down Quadrant arms dealer Lydia Cassamento and it's all exploding weapons and Semi's and It was cool

But you know it’s the end of an Arrow episode when the channel 52 news broadcast comes on!

And it’s announcing Olvier's trial to Felicity and William. Hold on fans - it's our new episode trailer that has the real surprise - with Oliver on the stand will Laurel reveal his identity as Green Arrow. But what's this Tommy Merlyn?! Yes! How can this be?

It’s the surprise return of Tommy Merlyn (yes!) and a brand-new Arrow so riveting we had to call it "Docket 11-19-41-73"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales