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Supergirl: A supercharged Reign goes after Ruby, Supergirl and Lena have trust issues (S03:E18)

Posted at 2:15 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 14:15:25-04

Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It's Richard fromZeus Comics!

Okay okay so Reign is on a mission to eliminate that last thing that tethers her to her human identity Samantha and that's her daughter Ruby.

But honestly, I got waaay distracted when Imra tells us classic Legion member Chameleon is in one of the stasis pods and quite possibly six more.

Brainy put them in stasis until the Blight was eradicated and that now their vitals are normal and free of the Blight. SO WAKE THEM! Give me the Legion!

Who's in stasis? Chameleon. Phantom Girl? Lightning Lad? Star Boy? Ultra Boy! Dream Girl! Don't go back to the future! NO! Don't leave!

Ugh. At least leave us Mon El. What? He's staying? And staying in the sexy red and blue costume. Fine. I'll survive.

With Reign looking for Ruby, Supergirl and the Martian Manhunter go to check in on Samantha's adoptive mom Patricia hoping to catch Reign and possibly save Patricia. Spoilers they don't.

But we did get the first of this episode’s super battles as Reign is now super-charged with both Purity and Pestilence powers. Cool battle sequence too with heat vision, J'onn phasing through a wall and Supergirl tossing Reign into her childhood home that's now ablaze.

Our heroes have to flee however when Reign stabs Patricia and infects her with Pestilence's killing disease.

Meanwhile Alex has worked Lena for info on Ruby's location revealing a hidden palatial mansion in the woods own by her brother Lex. Distraught over her mom, Ruby sneaks Alex's phone to make a call to Samantha.

And listening from above reminiscent of Supergirl's hovering over National City listening for criminals, is Reign who hears Ruby's call and smashes through Lex's defenses.

Like seriously...machine guns, flame throwers and ice beams. I don't know what type of guests Lex was inviting to his dinner parties but maybe he should reconsider some of his friendships.

Final battle time though with Alex, Supergirl and Mon El taking on Reign to protect Ruby. Remember the Kryptonian memory cape technology Mon El was training Supergirl about - well it's in full effect with Mon El and Supergirl whipping their capes around Reign and flipping up and around.

It was so ridiculous, but I still squealed in delight. 10-year-old Richard would have grabbed a bath towel and knocked over half the living room trying to reenact the stunt.

Ultimately Supergirl appeals to Reign. Telling her Ruby is not her mission. Reign is there to dispense justice to those that have sinned, and Ruby is not a sinner. The this pause give Mon El a chance to shoot Reign with Lena's kryptonite bringing Reign down.

We close our episode with Reign back in Lena's lab, Alex somewhat lying to Ruby that Reign is not her mom and major trust issues for Lena that could be her path to villainy. With Supergirl demanding control of Lena's Krypotnite making process and having asked Jimmy to break into the vault, Lena remarks Supergirl sounds a lot like her mother. "I can never trust Supergirl again."

Oh hey and what's up with that young girl stealing a journal from Thomas Coville's Church of Rao? What's clues are in the journal related to the worldkillers? If our new preview tells us anything her encounter with Jimmy Olsen the Guardian could be a good thing? Maybe?

It's Reign under examine in the lab and new player from the church of Rao in the newest Supergirl "the Fanatical!"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales