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The Flash: DeVoe goes after Fallout as we get ready for the season 4 finale! (S04:E22)

Posted at 3:29 PM, May 22, 2018

Hey Flash Fans! Its Richard fromZeus Comics

Can the Flash squad stop Clifford the DeVoe the Thinker from launching his satellites to bring about "enlightenment" which would reboot the prefrontal cortex of everyone on Earth reverting them to a primitive state. The simple answer is no. But it's a hell of ride getting there starting with DeVoe breaking into Argus.

Which leads me to this week’s Flashpoints!


DeVoe needs one final dark matter Neil Borman aka Fallout who's being protected in ARGUS secret facility the CASTLE. DeVoe needs Fallout but not to absorb his powers. Instead DeVoe intends use Fallout’s well fallout to power the satellites.

And to get into the CASTLE to Fallout we're treated with nearly every power absorbed power by DeVoe!

Elongated Man's master of disguise which allows him to impersonate John Diggle to get in the CASTLE plus his rubbery indestructibility against bullets. The Fiddler's sonics! Null's anti-gravity! Killg%re's technology control! Dwarfstars shrinking capabilities! FoldedMan's dimensional breaches!

It was AWESOME. Crazy cool to see Black Bison's power used to reanimate soldiers to fight each other and of course Becky Sharpe's luck powers with a very lucky marble. I miss Becky. And Ralph.

Still unknown is the status of the Weeper with emotional manipulating tears... Dropped plot point or will it be relevant to the finale?


Soooo - after the real John Diggle confirms that A) the CASTLE exists, B) that's where fallout is and C) his ID was used unbeknownst to him to enter the CASTLE. Why did Diggle and Argus do nothing? I mean come on. Oh yeah! Because the Flash’s show. And not his. Flash just zips Diggle back home leaving the Flash Squad to take on DeVoe and the CASTLE alone.

What this does give us is a classic Flash comic device  - speed force sharing! Sure our Flash TV Universe describes it as entering Flashtime. But in its description Caitlyn does explain the speed force aura around Flash that gives him some basic invulnerability to traveling at high speeds. Yes! Comic books!

With Cisco and Caitlyn now in "Flashtime," they enter the Castle to save the remaining hostages that DeVoe using Null's power has suspended over electroshock plates. In a one two punch, Cisco creates a breach under the hostages while Caitlyn using a modified freeze gun freezes the breaches.

The result? As we come out of flashtime, the frozen breaches melt allowing all 6 soldiers to fall to safety. And allowing Flash to become super-charged off the electroshock plate to follow DeVoe as he makes his escape from the Castle with the now exploded Fallout to power the satellites


With DeVoe making his Enlightenment play, Flash uses Amunet's savage concussion missile to destroy one of the satellites. And our season four villain is defeated and our heroes win.

Hahaha I'm kidding. We've still got an episode left! Even Clifford DeVoe practically laughs at the Flash too. To replace his missing satellite DeVoe waltzes into STAR Labs and tells Gideon to initiate the Enlightenment Protocol which adds a the last satellite to Enlightenment bringing DeVoe’s plan to a close

Or maybe not Harry and Iris have found the one person that could stop DeVoe - his wife Marlize

Side note: With a little vibing help from Cisco Caitlyn's repressed memory reveal's her killer frost persona existed while she was a child. Making Killer Frost not a part of the particle accelerator accident.

Side note part two: Some stuff happened with Cecile's pregnancy induced telepathy. eh. Maybe the powers will be relevant to the finale? But it’s more much likely we'll see a birth in all the chaos!

With Enlightenment now upon all of humanity, can the Flashsquad stop DeVoe and the dark matter wave that's about to hit Earth? It's the team up no one expected as Marlize the Mechanic joins the battle against her husband.

And Flash gets control of the Thinkers Chair! It's the season four finale of Flash, "We are the Flash!"

Photography by Rueben Gonzales