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Cheap Seats: Health Tips for Student-Athletes

Posted at 12:10 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 12:10:46-04

Student athletes may not have exercised as vigorously over the summer as they do during the school year.

"I think its really critical, especially for the August sports to really get acclimated to our heat.  Especially for some of the kids that have been away or away at camp up North for part of the summer.  I think it's very important for the parents to make sure their kids are really in shape before they play," said Director of UM Health System Sports Medicine Institute.  Lee Kaplan.

Along with exercise, you need to remember nutrition is an important component for student athletes as well.   After all that running, all that working out, and all that sweating, it’s important to nourish the body. 

Dr. Kaplan says " You need to make sure you are well hydrated and eating breakfast.  After you've been in the heat for a while, you don't really feel like eating a lot of the times.  Even if you had a lot of water during practice, it is very important that athletes are getting their calories, a lot of nutrition, and hydration."

With all this exercise, you need to make sure your children are up to the task, physically and they’re healthy enough to play school sports.  "I think every young person should have a pre-season and pre-screen physical, " said. Dr. Kaplan.

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