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Celebrate Wellness: Cellulite Busting Superfoods

Posted at 12:12 PM, Aug 31, 2018
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We all know what cellulite looks like, that dimpled, lumpy, usually not welcomed appearance that can show up on your hips and thighs, just to name a few spots.

Cellulite is actually the result of fat deposits pushing up through weak connective tissue under the skin.

Each year roughly 3 million people develop cellulite and unfortunately for us women statistics show that more than 85% of us have it.  It’s not fair.  It’s a pesky, persistent problem, but one that I’m told could be managed with what we eat.

Founder of, Daryn Mayer says "A healthy diet with the right fats is important.  Along with building strong skin tissue and connected fibers, can help your body be resistant to those fatty deposits."

Daryn adds "superfoods like veggie pops are loaded with ingredients that support strong, cellulite resistant skin.  In one pop they have broccoli which is rich in vitamin a, vitamin c and antioxidants and that helps to repair and build the muscle tone of your skin, make your skin strong, it also has sunflower seeds with healthy omega fats that helps give your skin elasticity and it has lemon which is a natural detoxifier."

The second superfood is a ten calorie recovery drink, "Rez Beverage."   It's loaded with glucosamine that lubricates and repairs our skin tissues as well as turmeric, an anti inflammatory ingredient that helps flush out fat.

The third superfood is chocolate, specifically double chocolate powerful bites that also contain coconut oil that helps you burn fat and applesauce- an ingredient that helps repair skin the skin tissue.

“Chocolate is one of the most powerful antioxidants and it’s been shown through research to actually inhibit fat and flush fat out of your system," said Daryn

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