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Inside South Florida: Beat The Heat And Save Some Dough

Posted at 2:30 PM, Sep 04, 2018
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There are many ways to stay cool and save on your energy bill during the summer.

"The heat is the number one driver of high energy bills because our air conditioner has to run longer and work harder in the heat" said  FPL Spokesperson Florencia Olivera.

To keep your bill low try setting your thermostat at 78 degrees and raising the temperature when you are away.

Olivera says "You can save up to five percent on your monthly cooling cost, every degree that you raise the thermostat.  Even a couple of degrees goes a long way because A/C is up to 50 percent of your bill, so you want to try and cut cost there."

Another tip would be to change your filter once a month.

"The filter serves as the lungs of the air conditioning unit, it helps it work more efficiently.  We need to make sure we keep it clean and remove any filth, so it can work properly.

It is recommended that you use LED light bulbs over incandescent light bulbs.  They are 90% more efficient and they last ten times longer.

Olivera says "They may be a little more costly at the beginning, but the investment will really give you returns. "

To keep your cost down with your pool pump, reduce the amount of time you run the pool pump and consider investing in a variable speed pool pump.

"A lot of people run their pool pump all day and it's not really necessary.  Lowering the operation time a couple hours a day, will really go a long way," said Olivera.

To help keep track of your energy usage, download the FPL Mobile App. The app allows you to view your bill, pay your bill, and view your projected bill.

"The projected bill feature allows you to see what your estimated bill is for next month.  If you don't like the number, you can take control of your energy usage and try some of the tips to hopefully bring that bill down," said Olivera.

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