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Super Teachers: Ms. Xiomara Ramos

Posted at 1:47 PM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-06 13:47:50-04

 The students in Xiomara Ramos’s Health Science Academy at North Miami Beach Sr. High are taking what they've learned and putting it into action, with a skit.

"The whole purpose of this skit is to see their level of preparedness. How prepared are you for me to take you out of the building? And take you to a place where there are actual patients. And are you competent enough to be able to deal with the patient on the level that I need you? Because I expect the highest level from them (students)," says Ramos.

 Ms. Ramos’s turn their hands on experience into hardware.

Last year they won 12 awards at their District Competition. Plus, they apply their knowledge in the field. They spend a day in the life of a nurse, participate in blood drives, food drives and toy drives and even give NMB teachers manicures and massages during teacher appreciation day.

Ms Ramos is beloved by her students and the administration. When it comes to excelling as a teacher she NAILS it.

"She gives us the proper instructions, she goes step by step with it so that she makes sure  we understand it and not just going through the motion of it. And she takes the time to just teach us and she loves us and we can come to her for almost anything. She's a mentor for us," says Anne Louis, 12th Grader.

"The reason that she is so good is because she builds those relationships with our kids. Our kids, they understand that they are in a position that is not only the medical field but it's also very important that they build those relationships with not only the students around them but their patients that they are going to have when they get these types of jobs." says Randy Milliken, Principal, North Miami Beach Sr. High.

So give it up for Xiomara Ramos. The heartbeat of NMB and this week's super teacher.