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Super Teachers: Mr. Will Martinez

Posted at 11:13 AM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 11:13:57-04

When it comes to geometry at McArthur High School in Hollywood where there’s a Will there’s a way. And Will Martinez knows the right angles to get his students motivated.

“I think it’s all about engagement really, and truly. When I was in high school I did not want a teacher lecturing all day. So, when you bring that energy it kind of brings out the passion and they see that it can matter. On day one we always talk about using failure as a stepping stool, don’t let it define you, how you bounce back from it. We always talk about goals and really not letting failure define you,” says Martinez.

Mr Martinez’s enthusiasm for teaching rubs off on his students and shapes the way they learn.

“Mr. Martinez is a really great teacher because when we walk into class he makes us feel excited to learn about geometry, he gives us attention and we give it right back and we just learn,” says Valdy St Louis.

“Mr. Martinez has the ability to really relate well to his students. When you see him in the background here, what he is doing is sitting there and building relationships with these kids. The students know he has the best interest for them as well,” says Todd J. LaPace, Principal.

Let’s be honest geometry can be hard. I’m getting traumatizing flashbacks to my high school geometry class. that’s why Mr. Martinez makes his lesson plans relatable to his kids.

“A lot of them want to be a fashion designer, a construction worker, or be an engineer. All those jobs defiantly relate to it, but I always bring it back to the basics. Everyone wants to own a home one day or some kind of property. You don’t want to pay someone to put up crown molding in your ceiling,” says Martinez.

And he even busts out Geometry Jeopardy!

So give it up for Will Martinez who has his classroom covered From every angle and that makes him this weeks super teacher.