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Super Teachers: Mrs. Monica Schmid

Posted at 10:32 AM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 10:32:14-04

Get on your feet, kick it and celebrate Monica Schmid and her dance impulse class at Miami Killian Sr. High School.

Mrs. Schmid’s students are always a hit at their school, in fact they are building quite a legacy.

"For the last eight years, probably the highlight of every pep rally is when those girls step on the floor and dance. Everybody looks forward to it, they're always perfectly rehearsed and they're always on point," says Mark Barnett, Activities Director.

Mrs. Schmid's kids take their act on the road and they’re dancing their way to statewide and nationwide acclaim.

" We compete regionally, we have one in January here in Miami and then we compete nationally in Orlando," says Mrs. Schmid.

"She's really really supportive of all of us on the dance floor and off the dance floor. She monitors our grades to make sure we are doing well academically. There are so many things," says Lindsey Kiskinis, Student.

So give it up for Monica Schmid, She’s making moves and dancing her way to this week’s Super Teacher