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Posted at 1:43 PM, Oct 09, 2018
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Kelly Roach is a Business Growth Strategist on a mission to help entrepreneurs launch, monetize and scale their dream businesses.

Roach is the author of the number one international best seller “Unstoppable” and is releasing her second book “Bigger Than You”.

"It's the entrepreneurs playbook to building an unstoppable team, so it is for every entrepreneur out there that has experienced burnouts that want to keep growing their business but doesn't want to have to compromise their quality of life in order to do it. It's really how to take people that you already have on your team and get them productive and profitable or get started in the team building process but do it the right way the first time," says Roach.

In the book Roach emphasizes the importance of growing a business and how entrepreneurs can succeed.

Roach has four tips to get you on your way starting with focusing on the center of the bullseye activities.

"Staying in touch with your current customers, getting back in touch with your old customers, following up with the warm leads that you have and asking for referrals. Those are four basic essentials that the vast majority of small business owners either don't do or do very sparsely in their businesses and it's one of the biggest reason why businesses struggle to grow," says Roach.

Tip number 2: Leverage technology and social media.

"People buy today because of social media and people are turning to social media not only for their news but for referrals, recommendations and to discover new products and services to buy. So you have to focus on not only being on social media which I think most businesses get that now but there is so much more to it than showing off", says Roach.

Tip number 3:  Think and make decisions like an investor.

"You have to really spend your money like an investor by putting it into places like Facebook advertising, Instagram growth. Developing great photography and videos for your business and putting it in places where you will see your return on investment; which means some of those traditional things from the past you'll need to let go of because they're not making you money in your business anyway," says Roach.

Tip number 4: Build a winning team. Because just like Helen Keller said, “alone we can do so little together we can do so much.”

"Realize that your business will grow if you build a winning team, so surround yourself with people that care about the mission, invest in the goals of the company and that they allow you to duplicate and multiple your efforts," says Roach.

For more tips on how you can build your business, you can buy “Bigger Than You” on

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