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Super Teachers: Mrs. Yoelin Cabrera-Fernandez From Southwest Miami High

Posted at 11:30 AM, Nov 15, 2018

 Today’s lesson plan is on the money in Mrs. Yoelin Cabrera-Fernandez’s principles of accounting class at Southwest Miami High School, and the students are honing their finance skills with a game of monopoly.

" They are creating transactions, they're purchasing properties, sadly paying taxes and passing through "Go." Those transaction they are journalizing and keeping track of all the expenses for their business," says Mrs. Cabrera-Fernandez.

And right across the hallway from Mrs. Cabrera's class is the Eagle's Nest Credit Union, where students and faculty can make actual transactions.

"We have an in-house credit union and our students are the tellers and they provide customer service and they open accounts," says Mrs.Cabrera-Fernandez.

So give it up for Mrs. Yoelin Cabrera-Fernandez, a great investment for Southwest Miami High School, and this week’s super teacher.