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Super Teachers: Mrs. Lena Adams

Posted at 12:15 PM, Dec 06, 2018

It’s a morning filled with law enforcement in Lena Adams' Criminal Justice class at Hallandale High School. And today her students are learning how to take down the bad guys.

"Today we actually are having a finger print workshop and the whole purpose of this is to apply what they learned from what we taught them in the textbook," says Lena Adams, Teacher.

Mrs. Adams was a member of law enforcement herself. She spent 22 years with the Miami Dade Police Department as a detective, a patrol officer and the department’s public information officer. Her experience is part of what makes her a great teacher.

"We're very lucky to have Mrs. Adams, she has a heart of gold and loves all of her students. She has a passion because of what she did with the Miami Dade Police department and uses it here in the classroom," says Sonja Sherman, Assistant Principal.

So give it up for Lena Adams, who’s laying down the law, and is this week’s super teacher and recipient of two 1 Day tickets to Universal Orlando Resort™.

(Prizes provided by Universal Orlando Resort™)